Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Catching up...

It's been a while since I posted... a lot has been happening... a lot hasn't been happening too. It's been like that a bit lately.
Lion hit his head on a concrete chair as he was fishing something out from under it for me. It came up in a big red spot straight away. I looked at it and gave it a kiss and said "that's a good knock you got there". He looked at me with a big pout and tears in his eyes "what's so good about it?". Poor kid, I had to explain then that I wasn't happy that he hit his head.
Lion has also taken to wearing two different shoes when he goes out. Both clogs but two different coloured ones. It started because he accidentally put on two different ones and didn't want to admit he'd done it accidentally when I picked it up. So after his initial shock when he looked down he said "yeah, I wanted it like that" and has insisted on wearing two different clogs for two days now.

We googled "farm machines" the other day and came across this blog entry with pictures of equipment in trouble. Lion saw this harvester in a pickle and starts singing "and another one's down, and another one's down, and another one bites the wheat". He's quick on the draw with things like that, I love it!

(we don't let the boys have softdrink and if we do we try to make sure it's watered down... Dragon thought this was such a special treat at Aunty Em's engagement party)

I've taken to bribing the boys with a square of chocolate for going to sleep straight away since we are going through a rough patch with that again. Today Dragon ate his square of chocolate and got it all smudgy on his right hand, I told him to go wash it off. As he was walking away I thought to add "don't use that hand to turn on the tap, use your other hand" he walks back to me and shows me his left hand questioning "this hand?" Um, yes, little Dragon. There aren't many other options really, are there?

We made rockets at playgroup this morning. They were playing with them later and were driving them around in a car... why do rockets need to go in a car?

(Wolf pulled Dragon's pants up to his armpits and Dragon decided to wave his hands in the air running around squealing "yiiiiiiiiiikes"... that's my family)

My baby Monkey is 12 weeks old now. The time has flown! A friend has a little one only two weeks old... Monkey looks like a giant compared to her. Where have those 12 weeks gone? Actually I can tell you where they have gone... 3 GP appointments, 4 Paediatrician appointments, 1 Chiropractor appointment, 1 Physio appointment, 2 blood tests, 1 urine test, and now lots of physio exercises. That's a lot for 12 short weeks, poor little bubby. Now those who have stayed reading even though I am so darn tired I never manage to comment on any of your blogs are probably going "Chiro, Physio, you haven't told us about that..." Well, that was something I was watching... I didn't want to say anything because I didn't want it to be real because I thought it was going to be a much bigger drama than it really is. His little noggin is misshapen. He is forever turning his head to look over his left shoulder. I was thinking it wasn't too bad until he started being happier sitting up and one day I looked down on his head and noticed quite a difference, his forehead was flatter on one side, the back of his head was flatter on one side, one side of his face was more rounded, all the little things together made me realised I wasn't imagining it, there really was a lot of difference... so I promptly burst into tears and blamed myself for everything and felt like the most horrible mummy on earth. The midwife at the baby clinics had suggested we try chiro for his reflux and said they could help with his head as well. She made it sound like he would just examine his head and recommend a course of action and would do some sort of massage for the reflux. He didn't, he adjusted my little baby. It freaked me out, especially when he started trying to manipulate the plates in his head and used the big punchy thing to "fix" his spine. I'm sorry if you are a chiro but I'm a bit freaked out by the whole thing, we wont be going back. I spoke the Dr J about it and she said that the connection between chiro and reflux is speculation mostly, no one is sure if it's the weeks of chiro that helps them or if it is when they would have naturally grown out of it anyway. She also said that it's his muscles that are causing the head thing so don't treat the symptom, treat the cause and got us in really quick to the paediatric physio at the main hospital here. So, it's not all that bad as far as "flattened head syndrome" goes and from the notes Dr J wrote for the physio and what the physio tested him at he had improved in the week and a half between the two appointments. We have some exercises that he doesn't seem all that fond of because he really doesn't like stretching his muscles but I am noticing he is getting less cranky each time we do them (unless he's tired of course!)

We took a road trip last Thursday with Cousin Wilbie.

Oh, and Aunty Kate and Aunty Rach. We went to Frosty Mango for the morning. 45 minutes north of here is the most brilliant ice cream shop. It's in the middle of nowhere but it's never empty. We had a lovely time together, Monkey enjoyed being spoilt by Aunty Kate and Aunty Rach (Aunty Kate has made it to 24 weeks with her little twins, please keep praying for those little babies that they will be kept safe as we wait patiently for them to arrive)

After we had our icecream we went outside for the kids to run around before the 45minute drive home.

Aunty Rach had some Monkey cuddles in the shade while the 3 boys ran around like crazy finding every patch of sensitive weed and making it close up.

I tried to get a photo of the three big ones together... it didn't work. I took nearly 30 photos. Not one good one in the lot... it wasn't even like two would be looking and one looking away, not even one looking and two looking away... they were all like this...

Three silly rat-bags pulling faces and acting the goose. Gotta love 'em.

Lion and Dragon are playing some family type game in the sandpit and are calling each other "darling" I love it when they do these games.


  1. Hello!
    Lion and Dragon look so handsome, even when they are pulling funny faces. They look so much older now than the photos on the side bar. Funny that.
    I think I would be a bit wary of anybody pushing on a babe's head too. Glad to hear that the physio is able to help little Monkey out.
    As much as I enjoy reading your posts, you and your family are the important people in your life. We'll still be here when things settle down. Smiles.

  2. Getting serious kid photos is just hard work - it doesn't happen often with my tribe.
    Being in the medical field, I think I'd use a physio over a chiropracter any day - esp on a bub. I would have freaked out as well. Glad your pediatrician gave you the heads up.
    That ice cream shop sounds delicous.
    Hope Aunty Kate continues well with her pregnancy - every week from now on is a bonus! (I think I breathed a sigh of relief at 26 / 28/30 etc week milestones.)
    That ice cream looks delicious. If we ever head up that way (I have lots of extended family up in Cairns & the tablelands including grandparents that I really should visit one day) I'll have to get the address of that ice cream shop. Hope you have a nice day!
    Renata :)

  3. So glad all is well with you and your beautiful family! I miss your witty comments and sweet posts filled with handsome boys!!!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Love it when you just ramble on! I could read your writing for ever. It's like music to my eyes.

    Love that quick witted little Lion. "Another one bites the wheat" Rock on dude!

    Yeah Mummy what's good about a bump? Ohh Dragon, you're too precious.

    Hey there, cuddle Monkey, keep doing those exercises, with your wonderful mummy. I work in radiology at the hospital, it's surprising how many children come out of an exam with a picture of a broken bone and a mommy with a guilty look because it's been hurting for days.

    Aunty Kate I'm praying for your beautiful, healthy twins.

    Yum, I have started a savings fund for a trip to Australia, at $1.00 a week I'll probably be there for Monkeys first day of college but we'd better celebrate with Frosty Mango and I'll want chocolate if I go to bed each night.

  5. I'm glad Monkey's head is OK, but what a scary thing to have to watch him go through with the chiro. I'm not a fan of them. It seems like they adjust things and then a person has to go back and be adjusted again. I don't know...seems like a scam sometimes.

    Your boys just crack me up! What cuties! And a cutie cousin to boot! You're a lucky family!

  6. Nice to see the photos, and I love Dragon's question about "This hand?" Sounds like a Possum thing to do.

    Glad your blog will let me comment again. For a while now I have been unable to comment at various blogs. Sometimes it will let me type a comment but then it won't publish. Well here's hoping it will work again - just managed to get a comment through on Chimera's blog.

  7. Oh I am sure Monkey will be fine. My little L also had a twist to the one side - we stretched those muscles with bits of exercize and made sure that he looks in the other direction as well. His head has rounded out well and you can not see the difference at 2 years.

  8. I just love the first picture on your post, so darling, all of the boys are!!

    Keep up the exercises. Make sure you get someone to give you a long massage, Sounds like you need it, well don't all moms?



  9. Great on the catching up. There was a lot to share. I hope Monkey is doing well and that his little body is doing what it should be.

    How's your sis & the twins invitro?

    Take care,


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