Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It Still Seems Like Yesterday

It's one day of the year that is special because of them...
but it's every day of the year that we think of them.

It's two little girls that we miss so much, BGW & SJW...
but it's so many children for so many families.

It's been three years since they were born straight into heaven...
and it'll be every year that we cry again and again.

Please pray today for all the families whose lives have been changed forever because of stillbirth. Please also pray for Aunty Kate, Uncle Wilbie and Little Wilbie as they remember the two little girls they lost 3 years ago today.

Please also pray that God will keep safe their two little babies due in March, growing stronger every day.


  1. I feel for their family and yours as you remember those precious girls.
    Love and prayers as they await their new babes.

  2. Thank you Mummy McTavish. A beautiful post that really touched my heart.

    Our baby girls were so precious to us and we are just so overwhelmingly thankful to have our precious son to play with and cuddle each and every day.

    Thanks for your support throughout everything we have been through and the support that you continue to be to us. We are blessed to have you in our lives.

  3. "Born straight into heaven." You have the most beautiful way of putting things. Still birth is so painful. Hugs going out to Aunty Kate, and Uncle Wilbie, and little Wilbie. I'm tending girl twins today, I will kiss them twice once for them and once for your precious daughters.

  4. What a sweet post.... My thoughts and prayers are being sent their way.

  5. My mom had a baby born to early. She didn't make it. I can't imagine having a stillborn baby and how difficult it must be. I will say a prayer for them today...

  6. @Boy Mom - Thankyou, but they aren't my words. I heard it long before BG & SJ were even a twinkle and I thought it was just the most lovely way to think of believers babies that were stillborn. The sadness of losing them on earth but the joy of knowing where they are and that one day we will see them again.

  7. Oh what a sweet sweet post. Will keep them in my prayers.

  8. Lifting up to the God of all comfort that little family.

  9. I agree with boy mom, your words "straight to heaven" are beautiful. We lost a beautiful little boy, Calvin, straight to heaven almost nine years ago. He was 6lbs 6oz, full term, and perfect. I am always amazed at the many others who have gone through the same trial. It is a struggle to recover but blessings of loving family and friends help us endure.

    Prayers are given. I was always in a panic with our two babies after that. You are such a good friend to remember them, past and present.
    May God bless them with peace and comfort.


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