Monday, 9 November 2009

Perth Puggles

Do you need a smile today?

Click on the picture to go to ZooBorns to see more photos of these sweet little Puggles born at the Perth Zoo.

I love Australian Animals. They are a really motley bunch of creatures. Mammals that lay eggs (monotremes, like these echidnas), giant flightless birds, bears that aren't bears, lizards with massive frills, creatures that poo cubes. What's not to love?

I know they aren't the most attractive creatures on earth at this stage of their life but there is something pathetically irresistible about them. I'm sure their mummy Echidna thinks they are the most perfect babies on earth and is so very proud of her little Puggles.

I often call my kids my Puggles. They think it's great. Lion most of all, he has a thing for Echidnas and often calls me Mummy Echidna. I am very proud of him right now. As I was writing this he came up and said "I know what that word says, it says ZOO, it has too 'O's' and one 'Z'". I just turned and looked at him, not sure what to say. Finally I realised he was looking back at me to check if he had it right and I got all excited and told him yes, it did say ZOO and he is so clever for picking it out and that I'm proud of him for finding a word he could read in all the writing on the screen... I wonder what else he can read and isn't telling us.

Hope you got a smile from these sweet little Puggles. Make sure you click that photo, there's heaps more photos!

PS. Just in case you're wondering about the animals I referred to - Monotremes are the Echidna and Platypus, Emu's are our Giant flightless bird, Koalas aren't a bear, Frilled Neck Lizards are another of our favourites and Wombats poo cubes!


  1. Although I knew what Puggles were, after reading your post I realised I had never actually seen a picture of them before now. Pathetically irrisistable is a very good way to describe them.

  2. Pathetically irrestiable! I love that phrase and I think those little tiny blobby bundles are adorable. I got to pat an echidna once and it was amazing. They have such cool characters up close. Not that there is many around my place, but hey!
    Your Lion is very clever! All I can say is watch out.

  3. How adorable are those? Wow, beyond cute.

  4. I do need a smile today. Those things are totally ugly and totally cute at the same time. How is that possible?

    Oh of Monkey below. I must go look...that will cheer this sick woman up too.

  5. Why are all babies darling, even when they're not?

    Puggles, love it!

  6. Are they cute... or are they ugly? I can't decide!

    Mrs. NB

  7. Zai just said " Yuck, two little stingy things"!!
    Well I'm sure Mrs Echidna thinks they're wonderful, but as for me...I'll leave them to her!!

  8. I've never seen such a thing. It's deliciously odd and sharp looking. I'm not sure I would pick one up if given the option, although I do like the word puggle.

  9. I, too, was taken with the photo and your perfect description, "Pathetically irrisistable." Exactly right.

  10. I, too, was taken with the photo and your perfect description, "Pathetically irrisistable." Exactly right.

  11. OH! I think they are adorable (in a bald and wrinkly sort or way. LOL)
    Very interesting about your Aussie animals!


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