Thursday, 5 November 2009

Slimey Slimey SLIME!

When you are having a Messy Construction Site Party you need some messy stuff for all the tiny little construction workers to play with. So, Dragon and I had a special little time on his birthday making 20 Litres of slime for the party. I had made this before but I couldn't remember the recipe so I looked it up and then I thought I would record it here for future use and to share with the wider slime loving community.

First you gather all your stuff. Because we were making lots and lots we needed a great big trugtub to hold our slime and the only main ingredient ingredient is... Lux Soap Flakes... shown here by my incredibly handsome model.

Measure out 1 cup of Lux for every 2L of water you want to use.

Start adding warm water. If you don't have a little tiny helper you can start with boiling water to dissolve it faster then add cool water to bring it back to a usable temperature. I just used water from the hot tap for the whole thing because I knew it wouldn't burn my sweet assistant as he stirred it with a whisk for me.

Once you put in the right amount of water just keep stirring. Add any colours you want at this point so you can make sure the colour is what you want. Adding it earlier can mean you add way too much or way too little. So add it now and put in a bit, stir it, a bit more, stir it, until you get the colour you want. The foam on the top doesn't colour much and will trick your sweet little assistant into thinking you don't know what you're on about. Not that you could tell that's what he was thinking from this photo.

Pull back the foam and prove to your chocolate coated assistant that it is a beautiful iridescent snot colour and you actually might know a thing or two about slime making. Only for captain chocky-face to inform you that you haven't got rid of all the soap flakes (they do continue to dissolve as it sits).

Leave it to sit and cool and the slime will thicken and get all slimy and goopy... tease your kids when they are in the bath by pretending to sneeze on them and flicking slime everywhere... Pull it out for your modified pass-the-parcel game for the next days birthday party.

After all your friends have left, put on your daggy clothes, grab any willing children and have a slime fight!

Just in case you missed it in all the fluff the recipe is... 1 cup Lux Soap Flakes, 2 Litres of warm water, stir until soap dissolved, stir in colouring, leave to sit and cool.


  1. Jonathan's most common thing to say right now is "Me have those!" or "Me have that!" He saw you pouring the slime on the kids and said, "Me have that!" Oh dear. I'll have to find that soap over (up?) here I guess. *sigh*

  2. How incredibly fun! This is a must-do next summer!

    I have an award for you over at my place. Come on by:)

  3. I am not showing Cheetah this post!

  4. We do not have Lux soap flakes here. Wonder if other soap would work?

  5. We do not have Lux soap flakes here. Wonder if other soap would work?

  6. Slime... looks like great fun. Dragon was a very beautiful assistant. Ah, if only they understood assistant didn't mean foreman, and therefore that they can tell you how they think it should be done.

  7. Wow, that looks like fun - thanks for sharing, I'll be giving it a try!!!
    I really enjoy your writing style. :) Your humour really makes me smile!

  8. You're such a fun mom....I'm hoping my kids will think I'm one too because really, what's better than that (to a kid anyway)?

  9. That looks like a lot of fun! I've never attempted slime - I think the recipe I have is much more complicated - I like your recipe - will have to give it a go sometime!

  10. If you can't get Lux flakes they are just pure soap flakes so there should be at least one brand in amongst all the laundry stuff at the supermarket.

    Don't be afraid to make some slime! It's cheap as chips and will keep the kids entertained long enough to write at least one blog post :) Just don't forget it is just soap so put them in as little clothing as possible and hose the clothes off before putting them in the machine... you don't want too many bubbles!

    I'd love to try pouring some on a highchair tray for a little one... if anyone does it TAKE PHOTOS and let me know!

  11. Wow!!!

    What GREAT fun. I want to do this.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.



  12. Wow! I should try it! Looks like heaps of FUN!

  13. LOL - they are having a slimy blast!!!

  14. It looks like so much fun and such a gloppy mess. I don't know that I'd volunteer for that, although I'm sure the kids would LOVE it. It looks just like the gunk they make on Nickelodeon. You are totally the COOL mom.


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