Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dragon's 3rd Birthday

My wild little Dragon turned 3 on Friday. He's been my baby for so long it's been a hard one seeing him turn 3!

His day started in the usual way waking up early and waiting for daddy to wake up... um, nope, not this time! Poor daddy had been woken up early by the roadwork men to shift our cars out of the street so it was TIME FOR PRESENTS.

Lion was chief present presenter and huggler. It all happened so swiftly that I almost missed it!

The first gift was the two mini Tonkas off their cake from Sunday from Lion and Monkey. I know, it's almost re-gifting isn't it?

Then from Daddy and Mummy he got a Duplo car set and a witches hat (and one for Lion, I had forgotten to give it to him on his birthday and I thought it would help ease the "it's not my birthday" dramas that I knew Lion would have but it didn't because it wasn't the yellow and black warning tape that he knew I had and wanted for his birthday).

Monkey watched all the happenings with little interest, posed for a photo with his big brother and was thoroughly confused with all the excitement.

Aunty J came to play for the day and help me get the house ready for their party the next day and we went to the shops for a birthday lunch with Grannysaurus and Aunty J (Lion was at Kindy so it was a quiet day for Dragon).
We made some slime and did some baking in the afternoon which Dragon had a blast with!

Dragon picked his birthday dinner...
Apricot Chicken with Rissoni... which he then chucked a fuss about and didn't want to eat until the VERY LAST MINUTE.

And for dessert it was BIRTHDAY PUDDING!!! Yummy homestyle butterscotch pudding and custard. I know it looks like they are all blowing the candles out in this photo but it was Dragon that actually got it out!

So my sweet little man is 3. I'm so proud of everything he has learnt this past year and what a lovely boy he shows me he is every day. Happy 3rd Birthday Dragon!


  1. Sounds like you had a great 3rd Birthday Dragon - more birthday wishes to you from your Canberra cousins.

  2. Happy Birthday Dragon....your birthday pudding looks delish...

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DRAGON!!! Sounds like you have been very busy!!! I hope you are sneaking in a little sleep while all of your boys are rapidly growing up before your very eyes!!

    Your boys are all three just soooo incredibly adorable! Wish we could babysit. Let us know when you move to the states!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  4. Happy birthday (again) Dragon.

    Can't wait to see my big 3 year old now and hear all about everything you got for your birthday.

  5. Happy birthday to Dragon!
    He looks pretty impressed with his presents. Monkey looks very confused.
    Hope the party went well. Looks like there was lots of yummy things to eat.
    As to the pillowcase, I feel there were other more deserving recipients than me (like you), but it is very pretty and I am very grateful.

  6. Happy birthday sweet Dragon. That Duplo car set looks fantastic. I am a huge Duplo and Lego fan.

  7. Aw, Dragon. You are getting cuter with every birthday. I can't believe its been 3 years since you were born. You were such a precious blessing to me when you were a newborn. It was so nice to have a baby to cuddle since I wasn't able to cuddle my baby girls.

    Thanks for the joy and healing you brought to me!

  8. Happy Birthday Dragon! What a lovely day you had! Monkey sure has grown hasn't he - he does look utterly confused in that picture though!- too cute!

  9. Ugh. I somehow marked this as read in my reader so I missed it! Happy Birthday, Dragon! You little cutie! And pass the cake!

  10. Happy (late) Birthday cousin Dragon!!! You must have had a wonderful time!

  11. Happy belated birthday Dragon! Katie loves to cook with me and swears she'll eat what we're cooking until the time comes and then it's "No way". Love the picture with the cones and little Monkey. He's getting SO big though. Tell him to stop it already ;)


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