Tuesday, 29 December 2009

All that glitters...

Remember the glitter from this post?

I know, it's a long time ago...

I know, I should have got to this sooner...

I know, I should clean my house instead of blogging...

oops, sorry, blame my mums voice in my head, she gets carried away in there sometimes!

Well, anyway, here's what we did with the glitter.


because glitter really helps with that!

uh, no, that was the start. We cut them up so we had two whole and one cut into 1/3 and 2/3 of the stick for each set. I used a big carving knife and pushed down with the knife as I bent the stick up... I'll need to find the cleaver if I do this again.

Then we glued them like this...
hang on, here's a shot with those cute little hands out of the way...
Make sure you have something down to protect your surface from over zealous gluers.
Once that step dries (by the time we finished the last one the first one was dry) you the water down the glue a bit so it can be painted on and you cover the whole thing with glue.

Then you glitter them! FUN FUN FUN!!!

Once that step dries you glue a star on the top (These ones said they were stitch on ones but they had no holes for stitching??? good thing I didn't need holes for this craft)

And you've got yourself some cute little Christmas trees and nothing to do with them.

So, in 12 months time when you are thinking of Christmas craft you can give these ones a go, they didn't take very long at all and even my non-crafter Lion stayed focused long enough to see it through to the end (I may have threatened him that if he didn't finish the ones he started I would give all his stars to Dragon because we were a couple of stars short, and the stars were the only redeeming point of this craft for Lion).

DISCLAIMER: I didn't come up with this craft myself, I got the idea from another mummy who should really blog all that fun stuff she does with her kids *looks at Girl From the Ville*
While you're here, please pray for Kate, remember her, pregnant with twins... high risk pregnancy to start with... well, she has diabetes to make it all the more memorable now. Her BGL's are not doing what they should, she has the specialists stumped, when they should be high they are dangerously low and when they should be low they are soaring... please pray that it all gets under control so she can relax and enjoy the last weeks of this pregnancy.
On a positive note she has had her date extended by a week because (other than that diabetes thing...) she is doing so well! Just what you wanna hear... "it's the middle of summer, you're carrying two little heaters inside you, we might keep them there for an extra week"... no, it really is a good thing, every extra week is an extra week stronger those sweet little babies will be!


  1. Prayers are on the way.

    I loved, how to made time to make a craft with your kids. I need to do more of that.



  2. I'll be praying. So many to pray for! Great craft idea!

  3. Love those trees!

    Prayers on the way! Is she on a mineral called Chromium? Works wonders in leveling out blood sugar levels and safe for baby. I took it all through pregnancies 4 - 7.

    Big Holiday Hugs for Mummy and menagerie.

  4. @ Boy Mum - Im not on chromium. I will ask my doc about that at the next visit.

    I relaxed my diet and things are starting to even out thankfully. The prayers are already working.

  5. I'll be praying too.

    And the trees are fantastic, but how much of the glue and glitter ended up on little boy heads?

  6. I just packed up Christmas, including I don't know how many handmade ornaments Hannah created through the years. I love this one... Glitter is always fun!

    Prayers being sent, too.

    Take care!

  7. Prayers for Kate and the babes.
    I like those glittery trees, thanks for the idea for next year.

  8. Add some shiny ribbon to the top and give them away to all the friends and teachers and neightbours to hang on their Christmas trees.

  9. That's a great craft for little ones!

    When I was a teacher, I used to have parents complain when I used glitter for art projects, because it made such a mess. I used it anyway! :)

    Glad to read in the comment above that the prayers are working!

  10. Sweet Pea made these trees at church. Beautiful!

    Mrs. NB


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