Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Super Heroes In Training

Just another day at the office for the Super Heroes In Training.
(don't make that one into an acronym... I almost did and realised just in time)
Thanks for the shirts Nano!

Lion found a brand new school bag under the Christmas tree, he was excited but it quickly got pushed to the side for all the Lego and other toys until today.
Lion came into my room today while I was trying (for the zillionth time, thanks to the big boys) to get Monkey to sleep. I silently did my block at him and signalled in no uncertain terms that he was to remove himself from the room post-haste... it didn't work... "I just came in to see how I look wearing my new school bag" he says as he turns to the mirror and does a little back-and-forth to look at himself properly, "I look pretty good". What a sweet little thing he is, "yes you do, Lion. You do look pretty good."
I am going school supply shopping tomorrow. We are getting so close to it now, I have realised that one day a week I will have only Monkey at home. It makes me so happy that I will get to spend that time with him and he will get a break from his brothers (because lets face it, he really needs a break from all their loving) but it makes me sad that my crazy noisy house will be so much quieter on Mondays with just me and the baby. I need to pick up a few things for Dragon to start kindy too but I'm not making too much of a big deal out of that, I think his personality needs it to just be made out to be an "everyday" type thing, just going off to play with Miss C at kindy... have I told you his kindy teacher will be Miss C, Lion's first kindy teacher and a friend of ours since before we had kids? I am so happy about that... I don't think he would have been in on the idea of kindy if it wasn't for going to play with Miss C. God has this all under control... I just need to keep reminding myself of that. God will look after Lion no matter what school he goes to, I can stop worrying about picking the "right" school. God is preparing friends for both boys at Kindy and School and preparing them to be friends to others so I can stop worrying about that. God is preparing their teachers (oh boy, do they need preparation for Lion!) so I can stop worrying about the "right" teacher. Lion's compassion will be a positive and not a vulnerability, his heart-on-his-sleeve will encourage others and not make him a target for bullies, he's stronger than I give him credit for.
Anyway, I love shopping for stationery and stuff. I'm quite looking forward to that aspect of it. My teacher friends have given me advice on where it's okay to cut corners on brands and where it's not. Which cheap brand is good and which brand name brand is rubbish. Which items get stolen and how to name them so the teacher knows for sure who they belong to. What lunch box foods teachers hate in their class and which ones are winners. I've got the best friends!
It is going to be a year full of learning for all of us... I can't wait!


  1. Wow, such big SHI....Training ;0

    Big hug, to Mummy for sending those sweet boys off to school. Our oldest is preparing to leave on a two year mission for our church. I try not to think of it to much, no one needs a teary Boy Mom moping around. Christmas eve we both cried so hard I think we scared the little brothers.

    Thanks for this post it helped and made me cry.

  2. Back to school shopping is so much fun. I absolutely love all of the supplies!

    You are right to place everything in God's hands. I forget sometimes and worry about things that I shouldn't. It sounds like your boys are in good hands... both His, yours, and their teachers. Yea for teacher friends!

  3. Your boys are adorable, they will do well, you have prepared them well.

    Good luck boys!

    Thanks for the email address.

    Hopefully you should be able to reply on my blog.



  4. What a great attitude to have towards the next chapter in both Lion and Dragon's life. God is in control. Maybe we will both need to remind each other of this in the coming months.

    Hope you manage to get your shopping done without battling flood waters. I have no idea what the rest of the city looks like since we live on a hill and don't flood but we sure have had a lot of rain during the night.

  5. They look adorable in their super hero shirts.
    It sounds like you have it all sussed for school, they will be well prepared.
    Hope you guys aren't too soggy from all that rain.

  6. Sounds like it's all under control! Besides, they're Super. They can handle anything that comes their way. ;) Enjoy the brief quiet.

  7. God is in is a hard thing for us to remember at times.

    I know your boys are going to do just great. When does school start again?

  8. My Superman has not only the shirt but also the thick fleece pants and ultra-cheap Walmart pillowcase. Oh, did I mention the stickers? He has those, too, as I keep him supplied. And God? He keeps us supplied in all things, doesn't He? Entrusting our kids to Him is hard for us mere mortal moms, but He knows that -- His understanding is infinite. I'm so glad!

  9. That is just adorable about the backpack! Also giggling about your "silent block". heehee I know that move ;) It never works. LOL

  10. They can handle anything that comes their way. ;) Enjoy the brief quiet.

    Work from home India

  11. Ahhhh... how I have missed pictures of your precious boys! Now that I am back, all is right with the world!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  12. Sounds like you're getting all ready. I hope you really enjoy your special day with Monkey on Mondays. Glad you have some lovely friends to give you advice about school supplies (I was clueless). Enjoy this special time!


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