Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Christmas Photos

We don't usually do a family Christmas photo but since I made matching shirts for the kids this year I figured why not.

This is the one I would love to give people...

Let it be known that I am not the most gracious model for these sort of things. I have in my head what I want from the photo and then I have to ask someone else to take it without them being able to see what I am seeing in my head... bound for problems. Let it also be known that my mum is VERY patient with me and we did actually get some photos that were pretty much what was going on in my head but it was getting 3 boys and 2 parents looking, smiling and not hitting mosquitoes all at the same time that brought us down. We bribed with McDonalds for dinner and truth be told they did better than I expected in order to earn their McDonalds.

I plan on posting our Christmas photo on Christmas day to give me a chance to get it printed and out to people before they see it here.

I'm not sure, but I think if you click on that photo it will come up bigger for you... if you're brave.


  1. The photo is great!!! Love the shirts. :)

  2. Great picture! Photographing children is just hard. Your mum did a great job!

  3. Not too shabby :) I like the sneak peek at the shirts. Very nice.

  4. I'm impressed with the shirts! They're so cute.... Can't wait to see them in more detail. And the photo is a great one!

  5. I was brave, and clicked on the photo to see you guys all nice and big! A great Christmas photo - Merry Christmas! Though it's winter here, I am in flip flops, like you!

  6. Hey you're a head of me.

    Great photo.

    It's hard for me to imagine Christmas without snow. Yuck misquitos.

    Merry Christmas



  7. I looooove it! You have the cutest family, I swear!

    (I swear is my phrase this week, apparently!)

  8. Aw. You're all adorable, even with the huge stamp across your forehead. :)


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