Wednesday, 16 December 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

Um, I don't really know. I have been trying and trying to think of something and I just cant, other than this book...

I can think of plenty of things that I don't particularly want.

Like the close-call...

although I can think of a million times it would have come in handy to remind folk of what an appropriate distance is, I just can't justify it.
or maybe not this "bug-view one handed bug catcher" either...

because although it would be handy to have when I can't readily get hold of my other bug catcher (who happens to be named Wolf) that handle is in no way long enough for me to catch some of the spiders round here... no handle is long enough for that.

Probably not this either...

I'm not really into Jane Austen *cough*understatement*cough*, I would rather a GI Joe to a Jane Austen Action Figure.
It does, however, have the coolest propaganda to try and get you to purchase it for your favourite Jane-Austen-loving loved one...
"If Jane Austen were alive today, she'd want you to buy this. Don't make her sad."
Other things I've seen advertised for Christmas presents that I don't want...

800g of wax... as in, wax your legs, eyebrows, whatever, wax... yep, I can see someone asking for that.
Pooper-scoopers. Mmmhmmm, please, oh, please santa bring me something to clean up the barkers eggs from off my lawn... maybe not.
Timber Deck Sealer... because nothing says I love you like a tin of varnish and some turps for the clean-up.
15 Litres of Motor Oil... it wasn't very expensive so maybe as a stocking filler... a BIG stocking for that one!
I started this last night but was too tired to finish it. Today I went into Robins Kitchen and with the help of a friend picked out some stuff I wanted and put it on hold under Wolf's name. He can get that if he wants or something else. I had to actually put it on hold because last time he bought me something from a kitchen store for Christmas he got in trouble from the sales woman for buying his wife a frypan for Christmas. I wanted a frypan for Christmas! Granted, not the one he bought, I was after a specific frypan but still, I did want a frypan! So I figure if he's going in asking for the stuff "my wife put on hold for me to buy for her" he will be cleared of any wrongdoing in the eyes of the sales chicks.
So what's on your Christmas list?
What should I have on my Christmas list?
Do you have trouble thinking up what you want for Christmas?


  1. Lol, you are so funny! Seriously, a very very funny post!! :)
    I never ever get to ask for what I want - my husband always has ideas, usually pretty good ones too... and generally more creative and clever than my ideas for him. Which can be frustrating. After all, I am the female in this relationship!!
    What would I like for Christmas? Clothes. New clothes. Ah yes please. Those...I won't be getting. :( But probably something nice will come my way.
    Thanks for putting a smile on my face! xo

  2. I totally agree with your list of things not to buy. I can't think of anyone who would want them.
    I'm a bit over ideas. Not only do I have to come up with ideas for the things we want to give but also tell other family members what to give the same people I have already struggled with to come up with an idea. And if I do come up with a really good idea, that's not what they end up getting.
    It's the thought that counts, hey?

  3. Funny!

    I requested a love letter. I used to get them before we got married. My hubby is a great writer. Me on the other hand, no so.

    I always think of ideas after the holiday.

    Have a Merry Christmas.



  4. I want one of those things that keeps people a certain distance. I need that in my job. When I write my column for the paper I swear people think they know me and my son so they try to pinch his cheeks and hug him and ... it's just weird. If I had that I could keep them back a certain distance from myself and my child. Lovely idea!

    And a Jane Austen figure probably won't entertain Jonathan as much as a superhero one so she's off the list.

  5. Okay, I personally like the Jane Austin action figure.... Where can I get one of those?

    You're funny.... super cool cake book. I'll have to blog about my cake-baking experience one day. It's sad.

  6. I want the ORIGINAL Women's Weekly Children's Birthday Cakes book. It's very hard to come by these days :(

  7. I really want time. I wish someone could give me a great big chunk of time alone for Christmas. With a clean house and every piece of clothing clean and folded, so I wouldn't feel guilty about just sitting and reading, or taking a nap.

    I got Sven a Taun Taun sleeping bag and a remote control helicopter.

  8. That close-call thingie is hilarious. I can think of plenty of times a tool like that would have come in handy, people really have no concept of personal space. Although, I probably would prod people with it if I got impatient, and that might get me in to trouble.

    I have no idea what I want either. I need a new handbag, but I can't trust my husband to do that, no more than he could trust me to purchase a power tool...

  9. And put me down for not wanting a Jane Austen doll...

  10. Yeah, I don't think i want those things either. LOL

    I want a dishwasher, and I'm not talking about the kind with 2 legs either. LOL

  11. Where on earth did you find those things?
    I also had to buy my own christmas pressies. I bought the second season of McLeods daughters (mainly because it was cheap & I couldn't think of anything else) & some cute containers for the kitchen.
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family!


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