Thursday, 10 December 2009

A lot to learn

Hey, Monkey here, I think I took a big step forwards with my physio today. Last Friday we went for our second appointment but Mummy forgot to update with what went on so I thought I would fill you in. I did not like it at all. I screamed, I cried, I chucked a big old sook but she still made me do all the exercises to show her how much I had improved. Apparently it's not that much... and she wasn't sure how much was resistance because I didn't like being made to do things or because my muscles actually wouldn't let me (I tried to tell her but she didn't really understand my cries). I did turn my head willingly and did a lot more tracking with my whole head instead of his just my eyes but I screamed the whole time. One thing I just wouldn't have a bar of was any sort of weight bearing on my arms. I hate that one. I cried when the Physio tried to get me to do it, I cry every time Mummy tries to get me to do it, I just don't like it. Until today.
Those are some weight bearing arms right there! And my head, it's up and looking around. Getting the two going together (without panicking) made Mummy so happy.

She just puts a rolled up towel under my chest to lift me up and she puts my little friend out in front so I have someone to talk to (although I think she thinks it's encouraging me to lift my head up but really, he's the only one that understands me). I then keep Mummy busy, she has to sit with me and keep moving my arms forwards so I lean on my forearms. I much prefer them straight down by my sides. I kinda feel like superman like that but the Physio says I need to learn to use these arm things a bit more.
But with all new skills, I've been finding out, there are other things to learn that you never realised you would need to know. Like when you lift your butt up you need to be careful that your head doesn't go back down! Wow, that one caught me by surprise!
After all that hard work Mummy helps me to roll over and gives me my crinkly friend to play with. Thanks for giving me this friend Nano and Grandpap, I love him the best! His wings crinkle and Mummy helps me get them in my hands so I can feel them then I suck on his head. Mummy is also handy for stopping Dragon pulling on my bug and making him do that shaky thing that I hate. But Mummy says it's just like any friend, you love them even though they sometimes do things you don't like (she says it about the bug and about Dragon).
She says I should let you know that I have a great big smile on my face in this picture... you just can't see it!
Since she gave me a reward I thought I should give her one too. I played happily with my bug for a little while while she made Lion and Dragon some morning tea. She made them some babycinos and gave them some bikkies... they got a bit spoilt because they were so good and left me alone while I was trying to do my exercises.
Then they left her alone and I was still happy with my bug so she decided to make herself a coffee too. We had a lovely morning tea today... well, everyone except me... I was happy playing with my bug and wasn't feeling really hungry yet.

Lately I've been screaming every time I get near Dragon, that kids gotta learn that he's not the only one that can scream like a crazy man. I thought I would give him a break when he asked for cuddles today.
I tolerate him, he's like a crazy Jack Russell. He's noisy and never stops moving, I just don't know where he's going to pop up from next! Sometimes he doesn't even appear but he still manages to freak me out with the incredible noises he makes. He does love cuddles though so I guess we can come to some arrangement.
Mummy reckons she'll try to remember to update the blog after our next appointment but I wouldn't count on it if I were you... she's not too bright that old girl...


  1. What a cute little Monkey. Glad to see you're doing well with the arm thingie mastery. You are just too delicious. Not for eating though, I'll take the cookies instead. I'm just a cookie kind of girl. Keep up the good work and your sweet little head.

  2. I'll have to go back and read some of your previous posts to catch up!

    Your little Monkey is super cute! Great, fun post!


  3. Oh Monkey, you are a doll!

    You'll get there, little man. You'll be as strong as anything soon. And your mom is a grand one, she'll remember to update us. If not, I'll bug her on Twitter because I just added her as a contact! hee. hee.

    By the way, kid, the brother thing will get harder at times. They can be a real pain, but they love you and will be there when you need them the most!

  4. They are some lovely photos especially the last one. I love the look on Monkey's little face. I can't wait to meet him.
    They physio's told me the same thing with Claire that she had to use her arms more and she loved doing the superman thing as well. I was kind of cute though but not for her. She hated being on her belly.


  5. Monkey is just so cute! So glad the exercises are going well. That morning tea looks yummy! What a lovely family you have there!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Renata :)

  6. Good old tummy time! I don't miss enforcing that particular activity ... none of mine liked it at first. We had a little narrow pillow we used under their chest to help them get the idea.

  7. Thank you Monkey for updating up on your muscle building activities. You'll be doing push ups in no time.
    It's good to know your brother loves you so much, even if it just feels plain annoying.
    Sisters aren't much better. (well, sometimes)

  8. Great post Monkey! Your doing so great with your exercises, great job. That head going down when the butt comes up thing is still freaking me out I get caught off guard and end up face in the rug once a month or so.

    I'm guessing that things will get better with Dragon soon, it's shocking but soon you'll think the incredible noises are funny and even worth imitation, that will make Mummy really happy.

    Be nice to Mummy she's one of the sweetest, smartest Mummy's I know, your Daddy seems like a great fellow as well.

    Hugs to a sweet little Monkey!

    Boy Mom


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