Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wolfs Martyrdom

In the previous post, Monkey was telling everyone about the great day he and his family was having. Cuddles, coffee and cake all in a loving atmosphere.

Ahh how sweet.

Unfortunately as in all 'Utopian' societies there is always the minority who are sacrificed in order to make this work and guess who that was?

Yep, me.

While all this was happening in the McTavish household I was trapped in the Christmas Riots. It was not cuddles, coffee and cake for me but Christmas craziness, chaos and kooky-ness. When there was a break did I get a cappuccino? No, because of all the cuts at work it was a cup o' cold tea, without milk or sugar, in a cracked cup and all. Oh, when I say cup I mean I had to drink out of a rolled up newspaper. An' not even a dry biscuit in sight.


  1. Awww, here, let me help you shine your halo.

    At least we weren't at home eating your kingstons while you work... like we are right now ;-)

  2. You could always suggest that MMT goes to work while you look after the children at home. However, you lack the ability to lactate which will undoubtedly mean Monkey will be very unhappy about such an arrangement.

  3. I bet it was a stale biscuit and a reused teabag.
    Having to deal with the consumer public at Christmastime should be only for masochists.

  4. Oh so sorry. I hope you've gotten a decent cup of coffee, tea or what is most needed. Hang in there!!!



  5. I'm not enjoying the Christmas shopping thing, I think I would enjoy working in retail less.
    It's only 2 weeks to Christmas now. Hang in there.


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