Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday Snapshot

I wish you were merry Christmas, I wish you were merry Christmas, I wish you were merry Christmas and a happy new you!
And that, folks, is why 3 year olds don't write Christmas carols.

So it's time for Sunday Snapshot again. I'm doing really well, we are three weeks running now that I have managed to churn out a Sunday Snapshot on time... three cheers for me!

The biggest even this week... Decorating the Christmas tree! Oh it's a lovely time. We light the fire, lovingly pull out precious glass ornaments and the kids delicately pass them to mummy and daddy to hang on the tree as we all lovingly gaze at each other and sing Christmas carol in perfect tune while granny plays the piano by candle light and the snow falls silently to the ground outside the window... Um, yeah, not so much.
The kids hadn't napped, it was stinkin' hot, the aircon was going, Mummy hadn't napped, Daddy had spent the morning at work for the last day of their pre-Christmas sale, mummy had been trying to re-arrange the small lounge room to be able fit in a rather large Christmas tree, the ornaments are all plastic and the clips that hold their hooks on are all falling off so many don't stay on the tree, the tinsel wouldn't let go of all the dust on it when I tried to shake it out before putting it away last year but the second I pulled it out of the box this year it shed every speck of dust all over my face, the kids were bursting into tears over crazy little things... it was an interesting time. We did manage to have fun in amongst all the chaos though and we got some photos to prove it.

Dragon hangs the first ornament.

Lion hangs the second ornament.

Dragon has an interesting way of hanging ornaments I have dubbed "the cluster method". You grab a bunch of ornaments that have hooked on to each other while in storage and hang them as one globulous lump on the tree weighing down the branch dangerously. He was quite proud of this technique.

Wolf kept himself amused by decorating anything that stayed still long enough.

Monkey was less than impressed.

Believe it or not, that tree there is almost done.

Mummy made Wolf remove the decorations from his youngest child.

Finished... FINALLY.

Our plans for this week...
  • Climate Smart man coming (Monday)
  • Grocery shopping (Monday)
  • Photos for Aunty Em and Pete (Monday)
  • Mummy getting a haircut (Tuesday)
  • Baking day with Aunty Em (Wednesday)
  • Decorate Christmas cake (Wednesday or Thursday maybe?)
  • Finish Christmas shopping (two gifts to go!) (eek, when???)
  • Remember to cook dinner most if not all nights
  • Nap

I hope your Christmas plans are all coming together!


  1. Love your Christmas tree. I was listening to a song to the tune of walking in a winter wonderland that was more appropriate for us. Something along the lines of sweating in a summer wonderland.
    Yep. It's hot and there will be tears shed before bed time.
    Have fun with your busy week.
    And I love the face of poor little Monkey all decorated so festive.

  2. Looks like the boys were enjoying themselves - even if they were tired.
    When I read that you lit the fire my first thoughts were "she's going a bit far for a traditional christmas atmosphere" then I read the rest of the scentence!
    Monkey looks cute - although the top pic looks like he has hair ribbons in - was wondering if Wolf was wanting a daughter when I first looked at it!
    Have a lovely day & hope you get all your list done (including nap!)


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