Friday, 18 December 2009

TomWho and WhatMan?

In the age of TomToms and Navmans our Christmas lights tour guide is waaaay lowtech...

I would have torn the pages out of a phone book map but it would have needed 8 or 9 pages taped together, with google maps at least I could print out just the sections I needed to make our map.

I printed out the local radio stations tour route (except it doesn't print the line of the route or the points they have highlighted) then cross-checked with the local papers highlights and slightly modified the route ready for our trip.

Last year we had dinner then took snacks with us, I think this year I will take a leaf out of Mrs Nurse Boy's book and drive through at Maccas for dinner and they can eat while we drive. It might keep them quieter that way.

Now to convince Wolf to take us. We do Christmas lights one night every year but the way Wolf goes on about it you'd think we go every night of December and had to club him and drag him along behind the car to get him to go!


  1. LOL! Oh don't club Wolf! HAHA! :P
    What a lovely idea! This is a great family night thought...hmmm....maybe I can club my hubby next week and drag him along! :)

    Blessings, Mommy McT!


  2. Sounds like fun...the clubbing and dragging...just kidding, the light peeping! It's a tradition your kids will remember fondly once they are older. Merry Christmas to your family from mine!

  3. I know what your saying.

    I drug my hubby and kids to the beautiful lights of temple square ( SLC, UT LDS temple).

    I should of just took my little girl she loved it. Oh well family time is important even if not everyone is on the same page. I do stuff with and for them all the time that I don't particularly enjoy. That's life.

    Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS



  4. I love looking at lights, too. One year, we had a convertible... we bundled up in coats and hats, mittens and scarves, and sipped on hot chocolate as we made our way through the neighborhood.

    (Do you use a wooden bat or aluminum?)

  5. Hope you all (including Wolf) enjoy your Christmas lights tour. It looks very well thought out.

  6. I agree with Sandra - you have planned it very well. We usually just drive around our suburb randomly and sometimes venture into the next one.

    If Wolf is the one doing the driving I can totally relate to his reluctance to go, though, as it's not much fun if you're behind the steering wheel. Last year I nearly rear-ended a few cars because I was listening to the backseat cries of "Oh look at this one!!" and not paying attention to the road.

  7. Have a great time!

    We usually do that a few nights during the holiday season (thankfully russ enjoys it as much as I do )

  8. Looks like you've planned it out well (although probably don't go through with the hubby abuse plan!!LOL)
    I hope you have a very lovely evening with your family!

  9. Hope you have a blessed and very Merry Christmas! ♥ HUGS ♥

  10. Smart idea!!! We were out of town so much that we missed our annual night of looking at lights. We'll have to do it twice next year!


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