Tuesday, 19 January 2010

McDonalds, Lego and Super Ninjas!

The marketing machine isn't working... or maybe it is... it depends on who the machine belongs to.  When I was awake WAAAAY too early this morning I turned on some news and the ads came on so I tuned out but remained vaguely aware that there was a food ad on when Lion turns to me and says
Lion - "That's not true mum"
Mummy - "What's not true?"
Lion - "The burgers are better at McDonald's, not Hungry Jacks"
For those not aware, HJ's tag-line is "The burgers are better at Hungry Jacks".

I grabbed some clothes out for the kids to wear and since I didn't feel like searching too hard through the folding I haven't done I found a pair of soccer shorts and a batman shirt for Dragon to wear.  Wolf told Dragon he was going to wear Soccer shorts and Dragon replied that he didn't play Soccer,
Wolf - "Well, you are sporty, you run around and stuff"
Dragon - "But I don't play soccer"
Wolf - "But sporty people wear soccer shorts"
Dragon - "Like a ninja?"
Wolf - "um, yes, like a ninja"
Dragon - "I'M SUPER NINJA"

I've got a soft spot for photos of my kids sleeping but these next few shots are really special...

My kids don't fall asleep by themselves.  They each have a couple of times as babies but only by accident when they were wrapped and tricked into it.  Monkey had a cranky tummy so he had to get back up for a bit after he had already been put to bed.  I put him on the blanket in the lounge room with Wolf and went off to finish whatever I was doing while he wriggled and squirmed until he did a pop or a poop.  Wolf called me in because he had fallen asleep!

Just like that.  Squirmed his way off the edge of the mat and crashed.

He's so cute!

Speaking of cute, here's a video of another cute kid that we made for Nano and Pappap.

We hope you enjoy it Nano and Pappap.  Lion was so excited about his new Lego that he worked soooo hard for and he wanted to video it to show you.  I really didn't make him work all that hard... kind of... but that's another story for another day.

Oh, yeah, this also shows our current LSS (Lego Storage Solution) for you, Renata.  Problem is it wont work if he doesn't use it!  But it does solve the "Place for everything" we just need to master the "everything in it's place" bit.

Right now, I must resolve to stop writing blog posts so late at night so that my brain has half a chance of stringing a few simple concepts together when I do sit down.  I am doubtful that this makes much sense but that's really how our day rolls.


By the way... Lion and Dragon were playing policeman and baddy this afternoon... the baddy was making a speedy escape... on a Lego segue...
Lion "Policeman" - "STOP, I said stop running away baddy"
Dragon "Baddy" - "NO, I am getting away from you! I am escaping on my segue, you can't catch me"
(both to be read in a really deep throaty voice)
My kids crack me up!


  1. Escaping on a "segue"???? What did he mean?
    No wonder we love them. They are all so cute.

  2. As well as a smooth conversational transition a segue is one of those two wheel doo-dads that Adam rides around on Mythbusters. Google Image it if you're still not sure would be best, my description is a bit dodgy.

  3. although I have just found out that the scooter doo-dads are called a "segway"... tricky.

  4. The sleeping pic's are probably my favorites...they look so adroably sweet, which, sometimes, is a huge contradiction to their previous behavior of the day.

    Cute video, he does make is sound like you worked him very hard, lol. I guess any work to a little one seems like torture. :) Actually, any cleaning to me is torture too, I think they may have something there.

  5. I too am a sucker for a sleeping child - going by the number of pics I post of the boys sleeping.
    Row couldn't put himself to sleep either, Nathan was somewhat better at it (but with encouragement). I do envy those nice little babes that know how to do it. So great job Monkey, now you can keep up the good work!
    Monkey is adorable.
    And so is Lion's video. I'm sure he'll enjoy his hard earned Lego.

  6. Precious picture of the sleeping Monkey.... Hannah didn't fall asleep on her own either... ever. So, I can relate! Lion's video is so cute.... I'm thinking though, you'd make a great 8th-grade teacher.

  7. Oh that sweet picture of Monkey! And well, we also have Lego issues in the house.

  8. oh monkey is soo cute..
    Sam and Jack love lego too, they make allsorts of interesting things with it..lol


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