Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Did you ever play Chinese whispers... the first person whispers a phrase into the second persons ear, who whispers it to the third, then on it goes and the last person says aloud what they heard... "I like chocolate" can go around a circle and turn into "dinosaurs taste like chicken".  Last night we had our own little version playing out in the lounge room...

Wolf says "it's party night tonight, someone's doing karaoke"

Dragon says "the TV's doing pabamokey"
Lion says "no, it's karamokey"


Wolf, Lion and Dragon are down with this cold or whatever it is now.  Good-o, just as Monkey and I are getting over it.


We puff painted this week, it was lots of fun.  We made our own paint with equal parts salt and self raising flour then mixed to consistency with water and added a bit of food colouring.  you paint your paper and then microwave it for 30 seconds.  tada!


I didn't think I'd taken any photos that worked this week (except one of my bruise from my needle) but looking through the files I found this...

Isn't he cute!  (that's a statement, not a question) That's his feet mere inches from his brothers head.  I tried to straighten him up and he had a sleepy little chat to me about something nonsensical and then settled down to snooze again.


Today we were all feeling too crook to go to church, Lion and Dragon were up at their usual crack of dawn (somewhere between 5:00 and 5:30am, what's with that???) and Monkey woke up not long after thanks to their coming into the room and making noise (they were probably talking but it's all just unnecessary noise at that time of day) so I got up with them for 45 minutes before Monkey decided he shouldn't be up yet (why don't the big ones ever think that?) so I put him back to bed and went back to bed myself... long story short... with only a few other up and downs Wolf and I managed to stay in bed until after 10am.  Wolf got to sleep, I got to doze occasionally.  WOOHOO!


Wolf and I also got a date in this afternoon... the only good thing about it was that it was just the two of us (thanks mum and dad!) the rest was just a little dodgy.  Oh well, it was still over an hour with just the two of us and uninterrupted grown up conversation.


Happy Sunday!


  1. What are they doing up so stinking early?! Ugh!

    Anyhow...yes, your son is so cute, even if you weren't asking us!

    And I'm glad you got a date with the amazing Wolf!

  2. We didn't make it to church either. We all slept in until 8am and then I was just too uncomfortable to sit in church for over an hour with two very active babies in my tummy. As a result, Uncle Wilbie got to have a big sleep in and then was feeling happy enough to thoroughly clean the house for me. Yay!

    Get well McTavish Family!

  3. Adorable Hubby and I got date time on Friday and Saturday. It was so nice to be all by ourselves even though our teenagers think they are full of adult conversation and should therefore be allowed to tag along.

  4. I just read Kate's post. Glad two very active babies are keeping her home from church. Still sending prayers your way Kate.

  5. Glad to hear that two of you are feeling better. Hope the other three recover quickly.
    As the sun rises is just too early for any noise or being awake. Mine get up later but I still struggle.
    How long did you live in Bundy for?
    The boys were keen to move there on first glance but I been a big town girl for too long.

  6. We got the gombu here too. Body aches, stuffy noses. I came home early and took a nap. I sucks that you have to be ill to take a nap, at least when your a mom.

    Tell Kate she deserves to sluff, God bless her and her family.

    Love to see the puff paint pics.



  7. Yeah, what's up with 5 am in the morning? Mine do that too. But I suspect it has to do with it still getting light so early.

  8. YAY!!! for dates with the hubby and WITHOUT the little ones!!!

    That puffy paint sounds like fun... I might have to try that.

    You always take the most adorable pictures of the boys sleeping!

    Mrs. NB

  9. Oh I hope everyone feels better soon. My kids are actually past that phase of getting up early - so it does get better - Zai's usually the first up about 6:30 - the others will sleep longer (Ellie never ever got up early - she's a sleeperinerer)
    Gorgous pic! Sleeping people always look so sweet!


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