Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Stone The Crows!

Strewth Mate, it's Australia Day again!  A day full of national pride, dunny races, roach races, thong throwing and meat pie eating competitions.  You can hear our national intelligence on display with chants such as "Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi" and C'mon Aussie, C'mon C'mon, C'mon Aussie C'mon" filling the lamb chop scented air.

Damper cooking in coals... except that most of Australia is on a total fire ban or has so much rain we can't light a match let alone a fire so I'm guessing damper everywhere got whacked in the oven like ours... People choking on coconut as they try to carry on a conversation while eating a lamington... 213 teams battling the Goldfield Ashes... That's basically a giant backyard cricket competition in Charters Towers... Other people with their own backyard cricket matches with screams of "Over the fence is six and out" or "No tipsies for grown-ups"...  That's all part of the day.

So what did we do today?

I made a bonza Damper undercooked to perfection so that it glues your mouth closed as you try to eat it coated with half a tub of butter and a good drizzle of honey or golden syrup.

It was WAY too wet here to cook on the barbie so I threw the lamb chops on the stove.

We ate lamingtons.

And we did little else.

We had a lovely low-key day.  We skipped the annual church cricket match for a calm day at home trying to space out baby feeds and ironing uniforms for school tomorrow.  Wolf ploughed through a few more episodes of a DVD series he's been trying to watch, I cleaned the boys room and hung some new organiser thingos in their cupboard to make the most of the limited space.  Monkey behaved like one of those babies that you only hear about, sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time and going for at least three hours between feeds.  Lion made Lego creation after Lego creation.  Dragon... well... Dragon got under everyone else's feet.  He was there whenever I turned around today.  Sometimes we just have those days.

Wolf did take them out into the rain this afternoon to test their raincoats...

That seemed to wear off a bit of their energy from being cooped up inside all day.

So I think I used up all my ockerisms last year and I gave a damper recipe last year too although this year I did 3 cups SR flour, 80g butter, pinch salt, 1 cup water and it was fine.  Also, there was another Sam Kekovich ad this year

so on that note I'll wrap up my Australia Day and go cry myself to sleep as I think about my baby heading off to school tomorrow.


  1. Not sure how I missed the new Sam Kekovich ad but I did, until now.

    Hope Lion has a WONDERFUL day tomorrow. I am hoping to get Cheetah to school with time enough to find out who his teacher & class are and hopefully still get to work before my meeting.

  2. Boy, those bright smiles sure light up a rainy looking day.
    Hope you had lots of hugs this morning and you and Lion make it through the day just fine.

  3. It's too bad the rain spoiled your lamb chop plans! I bet they were delicious, anyway! Great description of Australia Day! I (almost) felt like I was there!

  4. Bright rain coats and big smiles make rainy days a good thing. Of course, drought conditions make any rainy day a good thing, too.

    I hope the first day of school goes well... for ALL of you!

  5. I don't think I completely followed the entire Australia day celebration, but anything coated with butter and honey is beautiful in my book.

    Good luck with the first day! Don't cry!

  6. OMGOSH! Giggling away as I realized I need an Aussie dictionary to understand half of what you are talking about. heehee (just kidding. I followed along for most of it. LOL)

    The kids look just adorable playing in the rain!

    Good luck tomorrow!

  7. Happy Australia day. I had no idea Lamingtons are Australian. I just loooove them. Of course, about lamb chops I can tell you a lot.

  8. Awwwwwwwww
    I miss the North Queensland downpours, the big heavy rain, rain that lasts all day, how its still warm enough to play in, to kick off your shoes and walk through, being wet without being cold...


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