Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday Snapshot

I picked a special photo for this weeks Sunday Snapshot...

He sure is a cutie!

Even with a finger up his nose.

I am horrified to think of how many photos we have like this.

Anyway... It's a short and sweet Sunday Snapshot this week so that I can get to bed and get some SLEEP.

This morning I kept brushing Dragon aside as he was asking me to read him a book and I was trying to get ready for church.  He kept asking and I kept getting frustrated and telling him "later" or "when I'm ready" or "no, not yet"... eventually I was ready to go to church, I called him and we went and sat on the bed to read it.  Before we knew it Lion had joined in and then Monkey joined our party too.  It was a lovely calm way to start our Sunday.

Monkey looked super cute sitting there all propped up, so Wolf had to get a photo.

This next photo is for Sandra.  Sweet bloggy friend Sandra send us a lovely package when Monkey was born with this sweet monkey friend, this book, and a funny little toy rattle that isn't a rattle (it makes a weird, squeaky, funny noise that is quite fun).

 In spite of the look on his face it is one of his favourites!  He loves the feel of it's fur and will hold it up against his face to cuddle it.  It is the softest toy fur I have ever felt!  Thank you again Sandra!

He's a bit of a pest this little one, I keep trying to get good photos of him with some special toys he's been given for the people that gave them to him.  He will not smile in one of those photos, on the off chance that there is a hint of a grin then the camera will not focus and I get a blurry blob photo.  If you want a specific photo then he is NOT going to be a part of it.  It's his way or no way.

Okay, this has ended up not so short but that's just me.  G'night.


  1. Cute pictures...all of them. What is it with noses? Why are they so fun for kids to pick? Gia has just learned this habit and I thought I was going to gag when I realized that she ate whatever she'd unearthed up there the other day...OMG!!

    That one with all of you reading was so cute! Monkey really looks so interested in reading with his big brothers.

  2. Monkey looks so grown up in his big boy church clothes. Mum had told me that he looked particularly cute yesterday and I have to agree. He definitely looks like he is getting chubbier each time I see him.

  3. Yes to what Kate said. How can any doctor look at Monkey and think he needs to beef up? He looks perfect.

  4. Thank you for the picture of Monkey with his Monkey. He looks very sweet in his Safari print pants with those big brown eyes.
    And the boys all look very keen on reading Spot. It sounds a great way to start the day.

  5. I'm not sure he is as cute with his finger up his nose as he is in other photos! :-)

    Monkey is so cute in those little safari undees! It makes me giggle!

  6. Hope you had a great sleep. And wow, that little Monkey (the live one) is so cute.

  7. I can't believe how big Monkey looks. He has the sweetest little face. His smile must light up a room. Not that we'd know, he won't smile for us. ;)


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