Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Snapshot.

There is a breeze blowing and the boys are playing in the back of the ute.

D: I'm a Butt-Fly (butterfly)

L: It's WINDY.


yes, my darling occasionally you are.


The boys are playing reasonably happily in the playroom with the Duplo. Each taking on the persona of a different truck they have built. I can't make out all of what they are saying because of the gruff "truck" voices they are using but I can make out this.

D: ......dark outside..... dark ..... no..... dark......

L: (said in a rather dejected gruff truck voice) *sigh* Yes Mum.


Daddy is home now. I have realised that with one "boy" missing this house was SO much quieter.


Lovely friends wanted to look after the boys and I for lunch today. They bought some yummy icypoles for a special treat afterwards. They got to witness one of the little differences between our boys.

L: Can I have a taste of yours mummy?

M: Sure... (lion takes a little bite)

D: Can I have a taste of yours mummy?

M: Sure... (Dragon takes half the icypole)

D: Can I have a taste of yours Lion?

L: Okay, can I have a taste of yours?

D: NO.

M: If Lion is letting you have a taste of his, it would be kind to let him have a taste of yours.

D: okay.

Lion passes his across and Dragon has a big bite out of it then sits back down.
Dragon holds his icypole a little closer to his chest with a nonchalant look on his face but his eyes showing desperate hope that Lion will forget the deal.

M: Dragon, you need to give Lion a taste of yours now.

D: no?

Mummy forced the deal to proceed as originally planned, much to Dragons disappointment and the entertainment of DC and L (that's L our friend, not L for Lion... This nom de plume thing can get confusing!)


Everyone had finished their icypole after dinner except Lion. Lion noticed this and felt that he needed to give us an explanation as to why he had hardly eaten any of his...

L: I'm savouring mine.

How many 4 year olds know what savouring means???

This is how he knows what savour means...

Possibly one of the best kids books ever! Although, we don't own this book... I don't think we have ever borrowed it from anyone... I don't think Lion has ever even seen the book...

But Mummy knows it by heart from when she was little. "Miss Jenny bought some chocolate, a great big block of chocolate. She said "This block of chocolate is mine and all for me. Just the very sight of it brings back the taste delight of it, I'll savour every bite of it, but later, secretly". Her big dog found the chocolate, the great big block of chocolate he said "This block of chocolate..."

you get the picture. Each one wants to keep the chocolate for themselves and in the end miss out on it. Eventually the sun melts the chocolate and small ant finds the chocolate, the great big STREAM of chocolate he cries out "Brothers, chocolate, come and share with me! Just the very sight of it brings back the taste delight of it, we'll savour every bite of it. Right now, Gleefully." and there is the most adorable picture of fat little ants after they have had their fill of chocolate. At least in the older editions there is.

The best thing is this book is so adaptable, we have filled many a drive around town putting in the names of families we know or changing the chocolate to a lump of wood and using the Bob the Builder characters.

I guess I will have to buy this book one day. I just don't like the new illustrations so I'm hoping that I will locate an older edition eventually.


I just got the sweetest little compliment from my darling Lion. It was kind of a compliment-a-thon.

L: "Mummy, you have beautiful eyes"

At this point he starts dancing around the room singing "happy dance, happy dance"

MMcT: "Why are you doing a happy dance?"

L: "Because you are beautiful and I love you!"

MMcT: On the verge of tears just gives him a whoppin' great big hug!!

He gave me a few more sweet little compliments after that but I can't remember their exact wording. He's such a darling. I love it that he just tells me these things not to get favour with me or to earn points but just because it's how he really feels.


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  1. Books are my delight! And kids, books -all of them make me laugh or learn (this summer, I've read almost all of Richard Peck's great books, my fav being A year Down Yonder) and if they don't, I immediately slam them shut and shelf them. (Can you tell I work in an elementary school library?)I will be finding this book, and when I do, I will complete the ensemble with a bar of chocolate and a steaming cuppa! :)

  2. I love your posts.

    Boy compliments are the best.

    I want the chocolate block book for my Mom, she always had a big block of chocolate hidden somewhere. I'm going on a search.

    The icypole story reminded me of a trip to the Doctors office. Some how my three youngest got lollipops[brand name Dum-Dums] before the visit not after and began sharing licks while the doctor and I were chatting about their soar throats.

    First 5 gave 6 a lick of his Dum-Dum. Then 7 gave 5 and 6 a lick of his Dum Dum. Then 6 gave 5 a lick of his Dum-Dum and held it out to 7 for a lick. 7 bit the whole thing off and 6 was left with only a stick and a sad little face.

    The laughing doctor gave Boy Mom antibiotics prescriptions for all three boys and a new Dum-Dum to 6.

  3. One of those 1kg BIG blocks of chocolate is great to share with this book. Then you keep the chocolate packet and use it for props whenever you read the book forever.
    Maybe it's time for me to find the book and hand it over. Mr Sunshine doesn't need it for school anymore.

  4. Now I want that book!!!

    And, yes. ALL boys are noisy. All boys make noise from both ends.

    On a regular basis.

    My biggest boy is the loudest.

    Yes, from both ends.

    Don't tell Nurse Boy I said this... but, you know I speak the truth.

    Mrs. NB

  5. Adorable! I love how your boys show their love to you.
    I hadn't heard of that book before, but what a great story and lesson.

  6. That book looks wonderful! I hope I can find it because I think Jonathan would love it.

    The story about the icypoles was hilarious....yeah...even funnier if I knew what icypoles were. :-) I'm guessing they are what we call popsicles here (but can't spell).

    That bit at the end? yeah, I'm going to cry now. Thanks so much.

    (BTW, how did you get so many posts up? I swear..I'm so behind. Why won't my kid sleep so I can read my blogs?! Argh!!!)

  7. @Lisa - Icypoles are indeed popsicles.
    Most of my posts are written in 5 minute bursts throughout the day. Then made into something resembling coherent sentence sturcture after the boys are in bed at night... it's kind of the "dogs breakfast" way but if I didn't do it like that I'd only post once every two months.


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