Friday, 26 February 2010

Dear Friday,

Let me start by saying that I know this isn't all your fault.  But frankly, if you aren't willing to change some stuff then I'm not going to bust a gut to do anything either.  Friday, you have so much potential.  You are the day before the weekend, you offer excitement and suspense as we wait for all that the weekend can bring.  You offer the potential for great things... The excitement of the last day of school for the week, the excitement of the last day of work for the week, suspense as we wait to see what fun the weekend will bring.  You could be my favourite day.  Sure lots of people like Saturday but our relationship is strained.  He offers me so much, endless possibilities and chances for fun, 24 hours to do whatever we want as a family and then he whisks it away in an instant.  Yes, I do realise that Saturday is just as long as every other day and if we don't get our butts moving fast enough then it's not totally his fault but hey, a girl needs at least one day when she doesn't have to feel like a sheep dog nipping at the heels of her family to get them moving.

Let me start with a little thing.  The weather, I'd like it changed, thanks.  You see, if you offered me consistent weather for a whole day then when the weekend messes things up it wouldn't be your fault but because you offer me craziness all day I expect nothing of the weekend and blame it all on you.  If you would just give me sunshine I could look forward to a sunny weekend and perhaps the chance of not having to dodge the puddles in my Sunday shoes as I try to get through the car-park to church.  If you offer me rain I can look forward to cloud cover to keep the heat down, rain to wash things off and make them fresh again, puddles for the kids to play in wearing little more than what God gave them.  If you were consistent with a whole day of one type of weather I could establish these hopes and it would be the fault of Saturday or Sunday if they were dashed.  But no, you give me clouds and dreariness as I struggle to get people out the door on the last day of school and work, hot, scorching sun as I walk/drag a worn out little man the short distance to school, rain as I try to get two small children across a shopping centre car-park, blinding sun as I try to drive home having forgotten my sunnies since it was overcast and grey when I left home that morning, rain again as I try to wrangle those same kids back into the car to go and pick up their brother, the afternoon walk to school can go either way scorching sun or rain or frequently both so I think it's fine and then get soaked for the walk home.  Frankly, from then on I am over it and it's only a couple of hours until Wolf gets home and it is officially the weekend.  So, please, I want change.  I want you to change to consistency.  make sense?

Now, we skip the whole nap drama on a Friday.  it just doesn't fit with the other things we need to do.  For this point I would like you to be more like a Wednesday afternoon.  I need that time between school pick up and bedtime to go faster.  Like, not actually go faster as I realise you have no control over time itself but just to seem faster... Lion has gone five days without naps, Dragon has skipped his nap for the day, it's doubtful that I would have managed to have a nap so I would really appreciate it if I could be in bed a bit earlier with less arguments about well, everything and anything from the kids.

So, what I am saying is that you could be my favourite day.  Could... and I want you to be, but you just aren't pulling your weight.  Monday is the signal that the weekend is over, our time as a family with no schedule to keep has finished and we are back to a long week with three people taken away from me.  Tuesday flies by so fast, I love that we have playgroup but it seems our day is drop off Lion, playgroup, nap, pick-up Lion, home, dinner, bed.  Wednesdays are the same with Bible Study in the morning instead of playgroup, though the kids seem to be just the right amount of worn out by Wednesday and are compliant and generally easy to get to bed because they seem to want to be there.  Thursday is chaotic, it's generally a short day for Wolf and I love having him home but usually I forget that it's happening and organise something and it ends up making everything feel rushed and I forget to get dinner organised early so Wolf can get to his meetings and I realise that the week has disappeared and I have achieved nothing.  Saturday, well, I've discussed this one, it's snatched away in an instant.  Sunday, Sunday, how fast it arrives.  Church is great but by the time church is finished and Sunday school has finished and we go home, have lunch and have a nap the day is all but gone and I am putting kids to bed wishing that I didn't have to send them off tomorrow.  So, it's not much of a challenge I would think, Friday.

This is something that you can do.  Please, I want to like you, you are just making it so hard for me.  I don't ask for much.  Consistent weather, easy afternoon, that's all.  Oh, some chocolate wouldn't hurt either.

Love Mummy McTavish.


  1. Maybe singing a bit of Friday I'm in love might help inspire the day to better things perhaps?
    Wishing you sleep, rest and fun and a more consistent weather pattern for next Friday.

  2. Oh you are just so clever!! :D You really made me laugh with this one. Friday is absolutely my favourite day of the week - I used to think my favourite day was Saturday but no, it's just the expectation of Saturday that I like..... and it rarely lives up to the expectations. :) xo

  3. It is great to have you back! Fridays and I don't get along so well, either. Nurse Boy usually has to work late and that throws off my weekend.

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Mrs. NB

  4. Hey, Friday! Get in line already! Good grief!

  5. You should check out a book by Dr. Seuss " the Oobleck" It is about a king that doesn't like what falls from the sky.

    Just know that alot of us are in the same boat with you. Weekends go too fast.

    Enjoy the fact that we have one.
    Good luck you are a wonderful mum.



  6. Nearly every Friday Adorable Hubby and I get someone to watch the laddies and go out just us two or sometimes with another couple.

    That has made my relationship with Friday a bit less strained. Well that and older children. Hang in there.

  7. Here I sit, my Friday has already turned into Sunday & it's almost Sunday afternoon at that. So much to do, so little weekend to do it in.

    Friday afternoon/evening is my favourite time of the week. Friday morning, not so much!


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