Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday Snapshot Double-Up

Double-up this week.  Two weeks squished down into one little post... okay, maybe not so little.  I'll try not to bore you with ALL the details, I'll just give you most of them... and a LOT of photos.

By far the most exciting thing in the last two weeks was another double-up... the two new little additions to our extended family. Kate had her twins. They made a safe and organised entry to the world via C-section on February 17th due to the baby we now know as Little-E continuing to turn the wrong way around. Her brother Little-L made his appearance first and she followed 1 minute behind. I got to visit the day after they were born but was only allowed to look due to Little-E’s tiny size and Little-L being kept in the special care nursery. I got some photos of Little-E tucked away in her little cot but I only got to see Little-L in his humidicrib behind the glass window of the SCN.

The sweet Little-E

A few days later on the Monday I got to pop in for a quick visit again and I actually got to cuddle with Little-L.
The handsome Little-L
They all got out of hospital yesterday and are doing their best to settle into routines and every day life... I get the idea that the getting out of hospital was far less organised than the birth... vomiting toddler, last minute feeds, missing car seat parts... but they made it home.

At one of our visits Monkey had a lovely little snuggle up against Cousin Wilbie... so cute!

“And another thing you little whipper-snapper” says Old Man Monkey.

We started solids for Monkey last Saturday. HE LOVED IT. Dragon had a go at feeding him too. That was fine while Monkey was in shock and was compliantly gobbling down each mouthful but after that first feed and Monkey realised that this was going to be an ongoing thing he got a bit more wilful and wanted to be a little less passive about the feeding thing so Dragon hasn’t been able to feed him again.

Last Saturday we also got kicked out of our house by Wolf so he could finish up writing his sermon for the next day. We called Aunty Chimera and decided to brave the heat and take all 5 kids to the park. I’ll spare you the commentary and just give you the pictures.

Mummy McT Goes on a Trip... a Guilt Trip.
Mummy McT packs away Hungry Hippos that had been left out with pieces scattered and the box getting tossed around and getting wrecked.  Mummy McT, while packing up the hippos, has stern words with Lion to pack away the giant puzzle that has all it's pieces tossed around and the box getting tripped over and pieces going missing. "I get so frustrated when we have nice stuff and it just gets left to get destroyed, nice things sitting on the floor and people just stepping on them instead of packing them up" Mummy McT spots the blinds all screwed up to get them to the side instead of being slid along the track "See, the nice blinds scrunched up and getting destroyed instead of being looked after...*continues a mumbled rant more to herself than anyone in particular*"  Lion responds "I see something that is nice that I don't want to destroy" hugs Mummy McT's leg "My Mummy.  Hug, not destroy".  Yeah, that's my boy.  Brings his mummy back into line more often than I care to admit.

Bath time is a crazy time around here. The theory is that a bath will calm your kids down ready for bed. Not around here. Monkey has joined in a couple of times, he likes it for a little bit but it doesn’t last long.

He does like to be wrapped up for snuggles after his bath though. This wasn’t the best photo of Monkey and I but it was the best of Daddy :-)

Dragon is playing with lego shark, making it attack a lego life raft. 'Snap, Snap, Snap... Mmmmmm Belisimo!!' looks like 'Scary' the shark is Italian. For those with a squeamish tummy, it was eating the aerials off the life raft not the lego people.

School is very exhausting for Lion

Dragon: Daddy can we please play the (what sounds like) Mystery Key Game?
Wolf: the what game? The Mystery Key game?
Dragon: No! (annunciating) The Mr McGee Game?
Wolf: I don't know that name can you show it to me?
Dragon: (Pointing to the Monopoly game box) That one! the Mr McGee Game.
Wolf: Ohh, Monopoly, where did you get Mr McGee from?
Dragon: He told me... (pointing to a picture of Grumpy the Dwarf on Wolf's shirt)
Mummy: This just gets stranger and stranger.

Dragon rifles around in the car and finds a hanky. "Mum, look!  My hanky!.... hanky, hanky, hanky, hanky... that reminds me of a hanky song I know".  The kid did go through a slight hanky obsession a while back and every now and then he gets a thrill when he finds one he has stashed somewhere.

I love my boys.


  1. I am always amazed how fast time flies during the week. I love the shots of you all together. Happy to hear the baby is home from the hospital.

  2. I love your fun stories! (and pics)

  3. Well since I haven't been by in a while I can appreciate the updates.

    So glad the twins and family are home and healthy. The newborn pictures are so sweet, I forget how tiny they are when they're born, my baby is three, so I can honestly say I miss those teeny tiny babies.

    Your boys are the sweetest. Although bath time with all three, you're a brave mom indeed. ;)

  4. Love the photo of all 3 in the bath.

  5. I just love all the photos! Especially of those twins! And the boys at the park!

    I love catching up on all you've been doing! And the photos of you boys all together!

    I'd write more but I have a toddler curled up on my lap .... which is kind of nice.

  6. Nice news in there! Oh the twinnies are cute - glad they made it safe and home. Now the hard part starts.(ask me - no sleep last night)

    My, those boys of yours are so adorable. Monkey face in the bath just cracked me up.

  7. What is not to love? THey are just precious!

  8. Monkey's face when he's tasting his pablum is so PRICELESS!

  9. The twins are adorable, precious.

    Love the random smattering of this post. Life is so often a random smattering of joy, sorrow, and fun.

  10. Oh I am so glad the babies made a safe arrival here. I know how concerned you were and I am just now realizing i never answered your email (I am horrible!)
    LOVE the photos of all 3 of your boys together. I just can't get over how big they are all getting!

  11. Congratulations to Kate and family. A wonderful answer to prayer.
    Lots of wonderful stories there to make you smile.


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