Wednesday, 31 March 2010

look into my eyes...

I love this kid.  I think this is my new favourite photo of my sweet Monkey.  His eyes really are that dark, his skin really is that beautiful, his cheeks that rosy, his lips that sweet.  I love that he was looking right through the camera at me.  Looking at this photo almost makes me want to go and get him back out of bed for one more snuggle... almost.

I love the other two as well, they just don't hold still for photos like this!


  1. I love the changes to the blog! They're awesome! And I love Monkey's eyes! I'm a pile of goo right now. Ugh. And probably will have baby fever all day long!

  2. Yaya said, "Oh, that baby is so cute!" I have to say I agree completely. That and I would want to pick him up for one more snuggle at nap time too.

  3. ADORABLE! That is a fantastic picture and I can testify that Monkey's eyes are always that cute. They make me melt everytime I see him even though I don't get as many cuddles as I did of Lion and Monkey since I was heavily pregnant and now a bit busy with my own two cuties.

    Good looks sure run in the family.

  4. A terribly handsome young man you have there, Mummy McT. I'm sure he has a lot of people under his charming spell.

  5. Thanks, now I'm baby hungry, almost.

    I always notice hands and eyes, especially in men or beautiful baby boys. Looks like you've got a keeper.

    I think I'll make his picture my screen saver for awhile, so sweet.

    How are you? I've been out of the blog loop for a while so I'm off to read your older posts.

  6. He is absolutely beautiful.
    And now I am absolutely clucky!! :)

  7. Oh, he is a handsome one!!! Awesome photo!!

    Mrs. NB


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