Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Catching up on the cuteness

Photos from round and about.

Lion and Dragon got bug catching kits with some more of the money they got from Grandpap and Nano for Christmas.  We searched high and low for the nets and everyone was sold out so in the end Mummy put her thinking cap on and we went to the fishing section and found fishing nets and bought the ones with the smallest holes in the net.  We got the catcher/dome/cage thingos from the junk shop.  Dragon was at kindy when we got them so Lion and I went to a park near Grannysaurus house and hunted for bugs... that didn't want to be found.  But he sure was a cute bug catcher!

While he was running around our back yard he told me "I'm going to catch some bugs with this net mum, but I wont catch any Eagles, they fly too high"
Glad to know that Lion, glad to know.

Eventually he caught a moth, butterfly, two stinkbugs and a praying mantis.  Grannysaurus warned him that the praying mantis might eat the other bugs and he was fine with that but it had to be on his terms... I heard him whispering to the praying mantis "eat the stinkbugs, eat the stinkbugs".

It did try... it had a good go at one of the stink bugs but it got away.  So it grabbed a moth.  Lion watched in awe for the drive home as he got a front row seat for some "dinner theatre".  He watched quietly then I heard "he...hehe... hehehe.... it's funny when he eats its head"

Later that evening he was playing around with it (outside) when he started freaking out... "my praying mantis got out...... ON TO MY AAAAAARRRRMMMMMMMMM...... IT'S GOING FOR MY HEEEEEEEEAAAAADDDDDDDDD"

Good thing Daddy helped, Mummy was too busy laughing to be of any use.


Daddy took some photos on another day when he was looking after them...

Lion's catch

Dragon's catch.

Good thing I wasn't home, I think.


Monkey likes to eat.  Monkey likes to eat pizza crusts.

"It's not a problem, I can stop anytime I want, I just don't want"


Lion's artistic talent is blossoming!  One afternoon they had been shooed outside to play and were drawing on the patio with chalk.  Lion drew a picture of me!

After this he coloured my dress in pink and put a bunch of pink flowers in my hand!  He made sure that he pointed out to me that he did the eyes beautiful just like mine, it had eyelashes like me and the hair was just like mine too.


Monkey likes to eat.  Monkey likes to eat corn on the cob we discovered.

"My corn, you get your own corn, this one's mine... ALL MINE!"

I had eaten most of the corn off it before I gave it to him and he had a great time chomping away at the mangled cob.

Showing Daddy "Lookie Daddy, I've got cooooorn!"

That's pumpkin all over his face too.  He loved his dinner that night!


This little girl lives on our BBQ.  She's a bit sweet.  She's also a bit fat... that's how you can tell she's a chick, the fat ones are always girls they say.


Lion and Dragon had a great time playing on the equipment dotted along the Strand when we went for a stroll one afternoon.  Unfortunately none of the photos of Dragon were any good.


  1. Oh my word, those photos are so cute! I love the shots of Monkey pigging out and I can't help but love the shot where his brother has "caught" him. Those kids just crack me up! I wish I lived closer so I could visit! But you can keep the frog away from me because she looks like she is going to pounce on me at any moment!

  2. We love the FROG.

    Bug catching, so much fun. Perfect nets, got to look for some.

    The boys are just darling.



  3. I think I would have been laughing too hard to help, too.

  4. The photos are all very cute, but I particularly like the one where Dragon caught a monkey in his butterfly net.

    Our children must be on the same wavelength re: bugs. I have several bug-catching posts lined up to publish over the next week.

  5. I just LOVE Lion's picture of you - it's fantastic and to think he added more to it later. Obviously paintbrushes & easel's aren't his medium - chalk & sidewalks are !!!

    We had lots & lots of bugs around here before we got rid of all our weeds. Cheetah was in buggy heaven. We still have a lot of earthworms, but not so many grasshoppers & small flying insects anymore. Cheetah would love to go bugcatching with Lion on the weekend if he's up for it. Just talk to Grannysaurus because she will have our kids.

  6. You didn't add the bit where Lion commented on the mantis' eating habits saying, "Mummy, the praying mantis is a very messy eater" while it ate the moth's head.

  7. Oh lots of cuteness there from all the boys. Good to see Monkey's enjoying his food.
    And you have to watch out for boy eating praying mantises. Terrifying.

  8. Aghhh save me from all the cuteness. Why are babies eating so cute? Do you make your own baby food or buy it pre-made (obviously not talking about the corn and pizza here)

    Ahh the bug catching years. Just the other day #7 gathered some cute little worms out of the dirt and laid them out in a row on the pavement so they would be safe in the sun. I think they may still be there, baking away.

    That is an amazing picture of Mummy and her lovely eyes.

    Thanks for sharing the fun.

  9. I wonder if my girls would be up to bug catching? I'd better try early, before they get squeamish!

    I love all those pictures! You are a great photographer!

  10. I forgot to ask; what happens to the frog when you USE your BBQ? Or don't you use it? Just wondering...she's so neat looking!

  11. The photo of the bug catcher is adorable.

  12. You've just got to name that frog -


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