Sunday, 18 April 2010

Spendin' my time...

I'm not sure if Sunday Snapshot will happen this week (yet again) because I've been doing other things with my time...
like gazing at little bundles of cuteness as I edit the photos I took of these two...

And their sweet big brother, of course!

It's a wonderful way to spend my time, a gift for special people.
I love that I am able to call them both family and friend!


  1. You can almost smell their baby smell from the photos.
    They are nearly as cute as my own grandchildren - that shows how cute my grandchildren are!

  2. What beautiful faces and photos! The gifts you make with them will be cherished just as they are. AMAZING!

  3. Awesome pics of those precious babes. Such a lovely answer to prayer.

  4. Your photos are absolutely awesome. They are so cute - makes me remember my tow little bundles.

  5. Simply miraculous. Love that gorgeous picture of big brother and twins. So many prayers answered.

  6. Lovely photos. Lovely children too. What a sweet blessing. I sooooo miss those teeny tiny baby feet. The middle of the night feedings not so much, but they are far outweighed by that wonderful baby smell.


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