Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Easter Excitement

I thought I should fill in the Easter gap here on the old blog so I can remember what happened in years to come...

The Tuesday before Easter was Kids Church at Dragon's kindy.  I try to make sure we go even if it's not his kindy day and because I think it is such an important thing for the kindy to be doing I will pass on our regular activities so that we can support them (and I will hopefully be more involved again with it once Monkey gets a little bigger).  Dragon's class was even presenting this time and he had been very excited about going into the church (attached to the kindy) to practice so I thought he would be very excited about actually being in their re-telling of "The Good Samaritan"... and he was excited, until he was actually up there.

Obviously my son is a bit of a "ladies man" at kindy... he sat down and all these girls came and sat with him!

He didn't join in very much and looked a little freaked out the entire time but he did join in when they did some action songs at the end.

The next day was the Easter bonnet parade at Lion's school.  They made their hats at school but siblings were allowed to join in and you could just make them a hat at home. 
They were so cute.  Lion was taking such good care of Dragon, I was so proud of him for making sure his little brother was okay and  knew what was going to happen and that it was okay if he didn't know the songs they were going to sing, he could still stand there with him.

Making sure Dragon was walking in the right direction... even if there was no chance to head off course.

I was soooo amazed and proud that they BOTH got involved in the actions and the songs.  Usually EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHILD is doing the actions and singing and having a great time and Lion and Dragon will stand there pretending that the world is spinning without them.  They joined in and had a blast.  This shot is "Little Peter Rabbit".

Yes, I made Dragon's hat.  He refused to glue, tape, draw, cut, ANYTHING.  But he HAD to have an Easter bonnet and when Lion suggested a crown like his "because that is what all my friends are wearing" Dragon was adamant he wanted something different "because I'm not your friend, I'm your Dragon".

One thing I try to do with the boys is make Easter baskets on Good Friday.  This year we made bunny heads.  The boys were critical of my design and said that the ears at the back of the basket should be a tail... I just suggested that possibly the top of the bunny's head was missing and we could pretend when they get their eggs that those are his brains.  My design was vindicated and the world returned to it's peaceful happenings.

They glued their whiskers, stuck on their noses, I stapled on the ears then they got to lather the thing in glue and stick on cotton balls.

SOOOO cute these boys!

Their stash from the EB.  BUNNY BRAINS!  Does Dragon look like he should still be sleeping???  That's because HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!

So that was our Easter.  Things I don't have documented...
  • We usually have brunch on our patio after the mega early Good Friday service so this year I figured why not invite the family around since we usually have trouble all getting together over Easter weekend.  Everyone turned up and we had eggs Benedict, fruit salad, apple and cinnamon muffins, coffee, juice... it was so yummy and filling I didn't even realise I had forgotten to put out the hot cross buns!!!
  • The meltdowns over not being allowed to sit and eat every piece of chocolate they were given all in one sitting... some things are best not documented in photo form.
  • The  Lindt Gold Bunny I always get from my husband... can't document it if I didn't get it!!!!!  (he's lucky I love him, I was almost tempted to buy up every last piece of Lindt Easter chocolate that Target had half price the other day, but I thought that might give him a heart attack when I brought it home)
  • Lion being incredibly sweet (again) and letting Monkey use the little paper Easter basket he made at school because Monkey didn't need a big basket.


  1. AH, we also do the Lindt bunnies. They are the best.

  2. Your boys are looking as handsome as ever. And, look at your crafty self! I need some lessons... those baskets are the definition of adorable!!!

    Mrs. NB

  3. Soooo much Easter fun. Love the candy swap. That changes as they get a bit older and develop more discriminating tastes.

    How many times has an older brother "helped" his little brother be confident and go the right way. Sweet boys!

    Love the many bare feet, are the children allowed no shoe times?

    I've missed you. Glad I seem to regaining my blogging mojo.

  4. "Usually EVERY SINGLE OTHER CHILD is doing the actions and singing and having a great time and Lion and Dragon will stand there pretending that the world is spinning without them. "

    Isn't Lion the one usually doing air guitar during the children's song at church?? ;)

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  6. I love the I'm not your friend I'm your Dragon comment. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Your camera takes beautiful shots. The color is so vibrant.

    Oh, Thank you for posting about Easter. I haven't done it yet either and now I know I still can and should.

  7. Your boys are adorable. And I can't feel too bad about the Lindt bunny since I seem to remember something about a certain mommy appropriating certain children's Easter chocolates for herself. Well, okay, that might have been me...I'm still sneaking some of those dark chocolate Dove candies out of the stash!

  8. Awesome baskets for the bunny brains!
    Good on Lion for looking after his brothers. Sweetie.
    When my boys were your boys age they must certainly DID NOT do any actions or join in singing. Just stand there and gape like fish. Now they are both in school choirs. Ok, probably the quietest members of the choir - but making progress.

  9. That Easter bonnet section is definitely my favorite! I love those photos! What cuties!


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