Monday, 5 April 2010

I Got The Freaks

'I Got The Freaks' is Lion's new way of saying that something has scared him.  Several times over the last few weeks he has come up to us complaining that something has given him the 'Freaks'.

Today it was the kids TV show called 'Grandpa In My Pocket'.  This is normally one of the boys favourite TV shows they love it but today was the exception.

I was staggering down the hallway still a bit groggy from my sleep-in when I hear Dragon yelling at the top of his voice 'Maaaaaa - um, this is the bad bit, the BAD BIT!'  I walk in to see what sort of TV show is on at this time of day which would scare Dragon, only to find 'Grandpa In My Pocket' on... This was a bit confusing, yet the body language of the boys told me that both of them were a little very scared about something. 

Dragon was standing in the middle of the room with eyes wide and pointing to the TV 'Dad! it's the BAD BIT, turn it OFF!'  Lion was curled up on my chair hugging a pillow very tightly.  'Dad I got the freaks!'

I turned to see what was showing on the TV that was giving them the 'Freaks' only to see the little boy who is the narrator on the show talking into a vacuum cleaner hose.  Ahh, well that explains it... 'Was Grandpa sucked up by the vacuum cleaner?'  Sure enough the scene changes to show a miniature Grandpa sitting hunched over in a pile of dust.

'Arggh! DAD!'

'Don't worry boys, Grandpa will find a way out of there he always does.'

'Ohhhh Kay' (not convinced)

Sure enough at the end of the show Grandpa reverses the vacuum from suck to blow and out of the hose he shoots, along with a lot of dust, whips off his magical shrinking cap and returns to normal size just in time for the end of the show.

'Dad! You were right! Grandpa is OK!'

'Were you scared?'

'No Dad' was the reply from both boys but I did have two boys hugging me for the entirety of the next show and was only allowed to get up and leave after that.


  1. Poor Lion and Dragon. Hope they recover quickly from this freakish episode.

  2. Oh my word...those boys are something else. Jonathan has been doing similar things lately. Must be a stage they go through! He says he's scared of things he never was scared of before too and I always have to tell him it turned out OK before so it will now....

    This one just cracked me up because I could relate to it!

  3. The whole idea of a grandpa in my pocket sounds creepy to me. I love my grandpa very much but I do not care to have him in my pocket. LOL I'm glad you figured it out. Yaya has always been afraid of the vacuum itself so I imagine this episode would have freaked her out too.

    Happy Easter.

  4. I am afraid that Grandpa is going to give them a fear of cleaning!! Oh, no! Pray for their wives now!!

    Mrs. NB

  5. Poor Grandpa, as if getting old isn't enough, now he shrinks. Crazy idea.

    Dragon I'd have the FREAKS too!



  6. I'm impressed they asked you to turn it off during the 'bad bit'. My lot would have crowded around the TV to get a better look.

    Also jealous that you were getting a sleep-in.


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