Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Whatever the Weather

Some randomness to brighten your life...

  • I didn't put the "spare" eggs that the Easter bunny left "just in case" in the fridge... what to do, what to do...
  • I yoinked all the cold mini eggs out of one of the boys baskets and replaced them with the same number from the "spare" packet and had myself a feast of cold cadbury mini eggs.
  • I request that our Easter bunny buys cadbury or red tulip eggs for the boys... that way I can help them if they happen to be given too many eggs, they get the cheap chocolate ones and I get the edible ones.
  • Motherhood is all about the sacrifices... I help them when they have too many raspberry lollies, chiccos or snakes too... and if their piece of chocolate cake is too big... or sometimes their milkshake is too much for them to finish...
  • Isn't this kid a laugh...

  • I love that look... I'm still not sure if he uses it for certain situations or if it's just something that just happens.
  • Monkey has just kicked his bouncer up next to a chair, as close as he can get to being underneath it and is using his rusk to hit the chair to make a tapping noise.  I pulled him back and he promptly kicked himself back over and did it again.  I think this is the start of the "fixing things phase".
  • It's not really a phase since they never grow out of it though, is it?
  • The more kids you have, the greater the chance that one of your "stellar parenting moments" will be on display for all to see.
  • This mornings shopping trip was one great big moment.
  • Monkey had a high temp last night and I was up with him for 3 hours.  Once the Dymadon kicked in and he settled down and finally went back to sleep I got a couple of hours (nearly) and was up again.
  • DO NOT get excited when your baby wakes up without a temp until you have counted how long it's been since you medicated him.
  • DO NOT take your child shopping thinking he's all better when really he's still medicated because you didn't count how long it had been.
  • Monkey's Dymadon wore off just as Lion and Dragon had decided they had enough shopping and were going to get a bit feral and there were still groceries to get.
  • By the time we got home Monkey had chills and vomiting phlegm to go with his high temp (brought on by high temp I'm guessing.
  • And he's "backed up" again.
  • We snapped some photos when we tried the boys wedding clothes on them and I realised we haven't put any on here yet.
  • That photo might be slightly edited... you pick where.
  • I think the rusk he's nomming on is the last one... pitty help us all if it is... this kid loves his rusks.
  • When we got home from our shopping trip Lion came up to me while my arms were full of cranky Monkey and gave me a big hug around the waist.  That brought my blood pressure down quick smart.
  • Then Monkey threw up on me.
  • I loved having Wolf home for a 4 day weekend.  We tried to do as little as possible but we did take advantage of his being home to go and see Alice In Wonderland 3D.
  • Movie people realise that it's only worth them producing a movie in 3D if they throw as many things at the audience to induce a flinch as possible.
  • You get sick of flinching quite quickly.
  • 3D glasses with 1million popcorny fingerprints on them from previous viewers will never come clean.
  • Monkey got sick of the rusk so I gave him a spanner.  He's having a very one sided chat in a very serious tone with the spanner.
  • Dragon has the whingy whines lately.  It's fun... okay, so it's not really.  Do you think if I keep telling myself that it's not more annoying than fingernails on a blackboard that I'll start to believe it?
  • We did have fun with the boys in their fancy duds...
  • I have bored you enough with my random babbling for now... It's been a loooooong day.


  1. I'm sure I've seen those suits before - I think it was on Wall Street.

  2. Missin' my boys like crazy already. Love all these photo's today. The last one was clever & I was quite impressed with the edited one. It takes more than one glance to see that.

    Hugs to my boys. Hope Monkey is feeling better.

  3. Love the new header.
    Good to see you all made the most of those fancy duds. Very creative.
    Hope you all have a better night and tomorrow.

  4. Wow! Monkey, (I still prefer Tiger) must be taking after his Dad, who was standing up by himself at six months.
    I love the laid-back Qld style of dress - no shoes with long pants & tie.

  5. What a bunch of cuties - I love the suits and Monkey is soo making that face at the beach ON PURPOSE, no? It's good to see Monkey at the top of the page, too.

    Have a good one,

  6. Those photos of the boys are awesome! Love it! So funny with the cellphones in their hands!

  7. They look like little men, all dressed up and chatting on a cell phone it looks like. Sorry to hear about Monkey's fever and vomiting, but glad he's feeling better.

  8. Shopping with 3 kids in tow is NEVER fun! Add sickness and boredom and hold on because it is going to be a bumpy ride!!!

    I didn't buy a single Cadbury Egg... so I wouldn't eat them. Instead, I devoured their yucky jellybeans. WHY do I do that anyway? If I am going to steal from them, it should be the GOOD stuff!

    Mrs. NB

  9. Oh that picture is adorable - those suits!


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