Monday, 17 May 2010

Sorry for the silence...

We're busy eating cream from a can!

And spending time with visiting family and friends!

And because I can’t do a concise post with just the two photos I have to say... this kid is a smart little Monkey Man!

Once a year we buy cream in a can to go on top of daddy’s birthday pie (there’ll be a birthday wrap up eventually, maybe). I think it’s become a tradition to eat cream straight from the can on daddy’s birthday... the newest member of the family picked up on it quickly. The first night that the can came out he watched his big brothers get a squirt each and knew it was something he wanted... daddy gave in and squirted some in Monkey’s mouth. The second night (the birthday) we got the can out of the fridge and he got excited... daddy took the lid off and Monkey tipped his head back and opened his mouth. GENIUS!


  1. Oh he knows a good thing when he sees (tastes) it.

  2. Whipped cream from the can is better than cake!

  3. The boy sure looks like he's enjoying that a whole lot!
    Enjoy your visitors!

  4. Now if you can get his teachers to make his lessons food related & prac instead of theory, he'll be a straight A student :-)

    Wish I could find Cheetah's motivational tool. Must say I haven't tried bribing him (make that "motivating" him) with cream from a can. Yet ...

  5. Wahaaha! I love it! That kid is smart indeed!

  6. That is one way to thicken him up. Looks like fun. Too bad daddy's birthday is only once a year.



  7. #5 requested a can of whipped cream for his birthday, no pie just a can of cream to eat.

    Love that smart little Monkey Man.


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