Thursday, 13 May 2010

What A Classic

Bog Monster: "Morning Lion, where does your dad keep his coffee?"

A running conversation around the McTavish household is about the monster that lives in the smallest room of our house.  It's been a year since this post  Random Lionism and Lion and Dragon are still talking about the Bog Monster and trying to scare each other.  

Sometimes one of the boys will be really silly about not wanting to use the toilet because the bog monster will get them, and sometime I have tried to scare the boys by changing my phone ring tone to sound like a monsters roar  (normally Chewbaca) and hiding it under a chair or near the toilet, other times I will just growl at them when they walk past the toilet door.  Every time I do this and have a laugh at my boys expense I have always been chastised by their Mummy, always...

However, this morning we had what I would call the most classic scare and I was not the instigator, it was Dragon.

Let me set the scene.  It's the wee hours of the morning and the sun is only just beginning to think about peaking his head over the horizon.  The house is dark and quiet and there is one little person stirring...  Lion, always the morning person has just woken up and has stumbled out of his bed, staggered down the hallway and tentatively turned on the light in the toilet to relieve himself from the nightly slumber.   He is used to being the only person awake at this time and delights in crashing into his Mummy's bedroom to wake her with his loud voice and cheery demeanor, this normally wakes his little brother, Monkey, who sets off his loud squall to let Mummy know that he isn't pleased that she has not anticipated his needs and is there for him when he wakes.

However, today was different, somehow Lion had woken Dragon in his morning ritual and Dragon had quietly followed him down the hallway.  As Lion pulled his pants down Dragon appeared in the doorway and croaked in his gravelly morning voice:

"Morning Lion..."

At this point Lion is thinking that the only people awake are himself and the bog monster, so of course the only person talking to him is (dramatic music, da Da Da Daaaa) the Bog Monster...  so the conversation goes something like this...

Dragon: "Morning Lion..."
Lion: **Blood curdling scream** 
Dragon:  **Blood curdling scream**
Both: **More Blood curdling screams*

Mummy: "What is it?" vaulting out of bed
Wolf: 'It's probably just a frog.'
Lion: "Someone said 'Good Morning Lion' with a really deep voice"
Mummy thinking, there is someone in the house and how do they know his name.... various scenarios going through her head.  All this time Dragon is still screaming having been scared silly by Lions screaming.

Lion: Mummy... I think the bog monster is real....

Lion: Mummy, why is there pee running down the outside of the toilet? (He didn't think to ask about the puddle on the floor though).


  1. Oh this is a classic tale!

  2. LOL, your boys are too cute!

  3. Great story - yep, a classic!

  4. Absolutely crackin me up! You need to write a story about this for your boys. SERIOUSLY!

    Poor kids.

  5. OK...that was scary. THere is a bog monster in your house?

    Oh was Lion...right...I was so fascinated with the bog monster I got right into it with Dragon! :-)

    Those boys crack me up. Glad they are OK>

  6. LOL - oh dear - too funny!
    We also get puddles often - why are boys so bad at aiming?


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