Thursday, 10 June 2010

Change of Plans

The house was quiet, everyone was in bed... including Wolf.  I just wanted to sit and write a post and at least START to catch up on all that's been happening around here... then out came Dragon.  Things went down hill from there.  Now I'm just not in the mood.  I do have something I want to share right now though...

I read this post over at Blue Cotton Memory last week.  I have loved it and re-read it and been tossing it around in my head and I wanted to share it.  Go, read it.

Dragon, the KING of the silly faces!

We are dealing with a storm right now.  It's hurting us, and it's hurting Dragon, but the easy way out does no good for him.  God has trusted me with helping get these three boys to be three men. I pray for strength of character for them, for boldness to stand up for themselves and be unswayed by the world around them.

Right now, however, I wish Dragon's character wasn't quite so strong, that he realised that boldness to stand against Mummy's every instruction will only lead to trouble and that the world around him says three year olds should have a nap when Mummy says so and the world is right!

But this storm will pass and this will be one more thing that has helped to shape the man of God I pray that my boy will one day be.  This storm will pass and I pray that even though I am sure I am not handling everything the right way that my sweet Dragon will forget those things and remember that I love him and I only want the best for him.  This storm will pass and I will get back the boy that I know is just below that defiant surface.  This storm will pass and things will be different, we will all have grown a little and know a little more about who we are and what we can survive.

But what I am holding on to more than anything right now is...

This storm will pass.


  1. As you rightly say, this too shall pass. Always. Good luck.

  2. Yes, it will pass. It will. But, in the meantime... hang in there and enjoy it. I remember days/months/years I wanted it all to hurry and be over with because my firstborn was the strongest willest kidest ever! Quite a few comments came in my direction because of him. Things like, "We could take him and fix him in a week." Yep, that's how strong-willed he was (and how presumptuous and rude others revealed themselves to be). But that firstborn of mine, all grown up, is a true leader. He's smart, gets promotion after promotion to head positions, no matter which job he has. Others look to him with respect and follow his lead. So, head up, my Friendy, eyes on the Lord and His strength and might, because you are doing a great job and one day Dragon will rise up and call you blessed, and you will see the fruit of your hard labor. :) Praying for you!

  3. This is something I battle with daily with my little one. I don't talk about it on line because it's too hard. She'll ask me a question she doesn't have an answer to and so I tell her. Her response is always something like, "No, that's not right it's blah blah blah." I expected her level of stubborness or defiance when she became a teen not a 3 year old.
    How about you and I pray for eachother and our little ones to make good choices when faced with these situations? I'm with you and I'm sorry you're both having a hard time. No fun!

  4. Bless you. Three years old is one tough year. But eight years old is coming, that's worse. I love the defiant ones, I know they gonna figure it out and always be strong. Our eighteen year old foster son who won't go to the restroom with out being told and then wants specific instructions and praise for a job well that's frightening.

    Big hug! Enjoy each moment!

  5. To be honest when my kids were this age we stopped napping when it is obvious they dont' want to. It just caused stress and upset to everyone when we tried force them go to take a nap.

    When I see the signs that they are tired we will try go take a nap; otherwise I don't even bother. My daughters started stop taking naps when they were three years old.

  6. And, it WILL pass! I have a theory... I hate 3 year old boys. OK, that isn't a theory. It is a statement. Both of my boys were hard to like at 3. I loved them, but it was hard to like them. Honestly, they are so much fun now. You are so right, we NEED God to do this job justice!!! And, He will be there. Plus, one day Dragon will turn 4! ((HUGS)) to you my friend. I love your honestly... and, so does God. Maybe he uses 3 year old boys to keep us mommies humble???!!!

    Mrs. NB

  7. They are beautiful words that you wrote about Dragon and your role as a mum in a very trying time. I don't have any advice for you, but lots of encouragement. You are an amazing mum!

  8. Thanks for linking up - I re-read my post, and the emotion still builds up - still facing down the storm. I love when they're little and they seek independence, pulling away in little measures, little Summer Storms that pop up, then nap time comes, and everyone wakes refreshed. It's still tough. It's repetitive. I think the teenage part is demanding independence, trying to grab it without reading the rules, but the storm is more like Katrina or the storms in Nashville that left flooding and much cleaning up.

    The one thing mothers need to do is encourage each other - not hide the struggles, but share - like you are doing and I am doing so other mothers won't think "it's just me."

    Thank you:)

  9. I just read the bluecottonmemory post, that and yours struck a chord with me. We have our own storm brewing but rather than with a three year old it's with a 15 year old. Different I'm sure, but equally disruptive. I've had a few throw in the towel moments, but my better judgment has prevailed. Strangely enough, she was probably our most difficult toddler as well. Sigh. Yes, it is temporary. I keep having to remind myself of this as well.

  10. Hang in there! It's a great way of viewing things and the only way that will help Dragon be all that God wants him to be.
    And thanks for the reminder so I can take that attitude (hopefully) into our next storm.

  11. Hold strong.
    It will pass. i promise.
    I went through some of the worst days of my life with my daughter Stephanie (with video to prove it. UGH) But, she is now the most wonderful daughter I could ever ask for.

  12. They do push us to the ledge so often don't they? But you are right...this too shall pass. Hang in there, lady! You're a great mom and things will go rolling along more smooth soon!

  13. Everyone talks about the "terrible two's"...but nobody says much about how hard the three's can be at times too. I hope this difficult phase passes quickly. As mom's we all want to do our best, to be the perfect mom to our kids but we're human too, and don't always handle every situation the way we'd like...but like you said, he'll only remember what a great, caring mom you were.

  14. Be consistent - we went through a terrible patch with Eli a few months ago & I was even at the point of understanding how Rebekkah (in the bible ) favoured one twin over the other - but he has come out of it & is such a pleasant boy to be around & I no longer whisper to other parents that "Eli is my trial at the moment" while he rebels once again.
    Be consistent & pray a lot.


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