Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hard work never killed anyone... but why take the risk?

I happened to mention to the kids today that I had LOTS of housework and they jumped up "WE WANT TO HELP WASH UP!!!" Honestly... Really???

My first thought was "Oh please, not today!"

Then that little Mummy McTavish in my head said "you know, if you don't teach them how to do it now, they'll never be able to move out and look after their own place".  Sometimes I hate that woman's logic!

That said, my mum taught me and you'd never pick it from looking at my place!

I think most mums would agree, it's harder to have them "help" than to do it yourself.  That aside, I spent the next 15 minutes preparing for their "help".  I removed anything that could become a weapon - steak knives, spoons, large heavy frying pans.  I removed anything that was able to dump large quantities of water everywhere - Large Tupperware containers, the sifter with it's deceptive handle that collects water in the washing up and then  you flip it over without thinking and you dump water EVERYWHERE.  I removed the things that can break - plates, glasses, etc.  Finally I removed the things that were just too grotty to be washed by little kids - the mouldy lunch box (What? There's never one in your sink?), the greasy oven tray.  I wiped down the sink and removed anything from around the sink that I didn't want to get totally soaked.  I filled the sink with bubbles and water that was so not-hot it could give you frost bite.  I mediated the fight over who would wash and who would dry, I separated the pile I had made of grotty dishes into two piles so that they could each have a turn at each job.  Lion washed first... he lasted 4 dishes and gave up.  Dragon dried one of those dishes (admittedly he dried it 4 times) and then Lion decided it was time to swap.  Dragon washed one dish, Lion wrapped a dish in a tea towel and that was the end of the "help".  The next thing I know Lion is beside me asking... "Mummy, why are you making us keeping washing up"


My poor little slave boys, I work them so hard.  Their little hands are all calloused and worn, their nails are torn and dirty, I am sure if you ask them they would tell you that I never feed them either.


  1. My one daughter loves to bake with me and things also slow down drastically in the kitchen when that happens. But the opportunity to learn as much as she did makes it all worthwhile.

  2. The boys helped me mop today (YEP - my house got MOPPED today!!!) And I tried my best to force myself not to go over where they "cleaned" so it wouldn't undermine their efforts, but the floor actually really needed cleaning today with my folks coming, so I just had to do it in most cases. In my defence I talk about why I was going over the "stains" and said it was because I was stronger and you need to be strong to get rid of the stains and I'm stronger because I eat so many veges. We'll have to wait and see how that went.

  3. Love the photo - Dragon really knows how to ham it up :-)

  4. Yes I understand - sometimes I just wish they would go away somewhere so I could do the house work in peace - it sure would be easier than all my "helpers" - however then I remind myself it's all worth it!
    Your boys are so cute - that pic is gorgeous! Have a great week

  5. Oh the horror and the indignity of it all. Great photos of your poor little workers.

  6. @Emma, let me know if that convinces the boys to eat more veggies, somehow I reckon they'll see through it.

    @Chimera, Dragon gets a lot of practice at looking pathetic. He's turning into quite the little drama queen lately... We may need to borrow a dress from little bear.

  7. Haha. It gets better as they get older. My girls are officially responsible for the dishes and I can safely find another chore to tackle while they're elbow deep in dirty water. Hooray. I'm ready to pass on dinner and toilet scrubbing as well! ;) Poor boys, those overworked pouts. You're so mean.

  8. So so absolutely true! I identify with your experience. Such cute little hands.


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