Sunday, 27 June 2010

A long, long time ago...

Wolf's parents (Grandpap and Nano) came to visit... and brought his grandma too!

Actually it wasn't all that long ago (May), it's just that so much has happened since then that it seems like forever ago!

They came for Wolf's 40th birthday party and for Monkey's baptism.  The best photos, I think, from while they were here were the ones we took on our couch the night before they went home.

The boys call Grandma "Lapun Mama" (translated: old mother, Wolf informs me it's a respectful name for an older lady in PNG) and we needed to get a photo of Lapun Mama with the three McTavish terrors boys...

Yes, this is the best we got :-( it was late and the boys were getting silly.

We also needed to get one of everyone... but Lapun Mama insisted on hiding...

We were using the remote for the camera so the boys insisted on taking a photo each using the remote so we let them and we all pulled the face that they said we had to do.  This is Lion's turn...

The problem was the boys didn't actually do the face that they said we had to do (neither did Nano!)

And this is Dragon's turn with the remote.

See that man down the front... I'm married to him... and I think he's handsome even when he does this silly face (which is surprisingly, a lot!) ... it reminds me how much his boys look like him!


  1. What fun pictures those boys orchestrated! Wolf definitely gets into character faces, doesn't he?!

    Hannah's fringe is new as long as "fringe" is what we call "bangs!" Hannah began snipping on them once we got to Destin. In fact, a day later finds her fringe even shorter, although I was perfectly happy with the in-your-eyes look. But, the even shorter look actually takes a year off her more-mature-than-I-want look. Whew.

    It looks like I have a little catching up to do with the McT clan as I'm finally catching my breath from a busy school year.

  2. I love the faces. You are a fun bunch!

  3. I must say, my favourite face in all those shown in this blogg, has to be Monkey's face in the first photo with Lapun Mama - the rest I could do without!

  4. Yep, I was taken with Monkey's face too. He's not sure what all the shaningans are all about but happy to look on.
    So glad you had such a fun time having family visit.

  5. Such precious pictures.


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