Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Holiday Randomness

  • "Mummy, I saw the toilet paper was finished so I put a new one on"-Dragon.  Awesome! Now to teach him to make it go OVER... or is that just getting petty?
  • We bought another toy Wombat today because I have been eyeing it off and it was marked down by about 30%.  We have called it Stuart so that we can say "This is our wombat, Stu".
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are doing a show at one of the shopping centres this week.  Dragon saw the sign and told me "look mum, the kung-fu turtles are gonna be here".
  • Lion is enjoying his school holidays.  Each day he wakes up and asks if it's still school holidays.  I am loving them too... not just the lack of running around and craziness but having my big boy with me every day... ♥ LOVE IT ♥
  • We have been doing fun stuff and craft and all sorts of exciting things each day... like the Museum, the beach, cleaning the shed at Grandad's work (boys, not me!), chalk paint, baking banana bread, having friends over for home made pizza, spending hours in the sandpit, buying new undies for Dragon (yes, that counts as fun!), playing and playing and playing with brothers... I think that's the best bit. Lion can be a bit tired and grumpy after school so playing turns to fighting fairly quickly... They are getting along beautifully almost all day lately!
  • My dishwasher beeped... I thought "hmm, weird" and I opened it and it was full of freshly washed dishes that I don't remember putting on.  That's the kind of housework I like doing... the stuff I don't remember doing!
  • Monkey is licking the glass door and then rubbing his forehead on it to make a squeaking noise.  I'm not sure if that's up the top end of the intelligence range for a 10 month old or if he's, um, at the other end.
  • My Banana Bread recipe is almost perfect... Now I want to go out and buy more bananas just so I can let them go bad so I can make more bread to take photos to post it!
  • Lion just pretended to be a Toucan and I told him it was great.  "Mummy, I'm the imagination King" was his response.  Love that kid.
  • I just found Monkey laying on the floor under the table the kids were having afternoon tea at.  He looked like a little forlorn puppy waiting for scraps.  He came out when he saw me and I asked the boys if one of them could give him a cracker.  Dragon threw one across the floor "there you go bubba" he says... yeah, the poor youngest child is going to grow up thinking he's our puppy.


  1. I must be having a 'thick' day. I got your txt msg this morning and couldn't think of a good reason to call the wombat Stuart. Good choice. I can't wait to meet Wombat Stu.

  2. Big snort at that last sentence!LOL!
    Oh I would love your banana bread recipe.

  3. Big snort at that last sentence!LOL!
    Oh I would love your banana bread recipe.

  4. Um, yup. I sniggered at the last sentence too. Poor squeaky puppy Monkey.
    Good to hear the brothers are a trio again and enjoying the extra play time.
    We recently re-read Wombat Stew and enjoyed it. We have a toy wombat too which I might see if we can rename, thank you very much. Wombat is too boring.

  5. By the way. My friend had a cup called Phillip. Phillip my cup. Get it?
    Sorry, I'm tired. I'll go now.

  6. You crack me up! I had some great laughs over these. Thanks.

  7. It's all about finding joy in the simple things.... Your post shows just that! For a while growing up, I pretended that I WAS a puppy. I also was the third child in our family. Hmmmm. Now I'm beginning to understand....

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