Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday Snapshot

What a week!

Monday saw Monkey at the doctors to get antibiotics for ear infections but got the all clear for Lion's cough. 

learning to brush his gums from his big brother

Tuesday was playgroup and then in the afternoon I started to come down with something.

gotta rinse after you do all that tooth brushing

Wednesday I was well and truly sick with whatever I have and had lost my voice so the kids took control of the situation... HA!

they love bubbles!

Thursday Dragon, Monkey and I eagerly waited for our groceries to turn  up... with 5.5kg (just over 12lb) of pasta and rice.  Feeding these boys is expensive.  In the afternoon we went to get a few extra things at the shops and have afternoon tea with grannysaurus... until halfway through avo tea Monkey threw up all over me.  His antibiotics are not agreeing with him... I'm not particularly agreeing with them if they cause me to get covered in puke!  Poor little chooky.

we managed to get the mega pack of spag since we used online shopping, it's never on the shelf...

Friday we had a busy morning cleaning out one or two shelves in the pantry to try and better suit it to our growing family.  I hadn't really changed container sizes since it was just Wolf and I.  Now I am buying bigger packs of everything and it wasn't really working.  It was refreshing to clean it all out and throw out old stuff and find things that I should be using up and get it better suited to my cooking and my big boys.
We also tried to remember everything that we didn't get when our shopping trip was cut short the day before so we could pick it up in the afternoon. 

My spaghetti storage container had to change from the one on the right (holding enough for two meals... just) to the one on the left which will fit the whole giant pack of spag.

Saturday Lion had a friends birthday party at the bike park.  I took the two little ones as well and they all had a ball!  Saturday night the big boys and Wolf had a boys night with pizza and a movie and Monkey and I went to a friends house for a girly night.  Even though Monkey wouldn't go to sleep until WAY after he should have it was nice to sit around watching a couple of movies that Wolf wouldn't like, catching up and relaxing.

Sunday was our playgroups chance to take over the kids talk during church and let everyone know what we do each Tuesday and sing a little song.  It's always very cute with 2 & 3 year olds getting up and taking part.  We managed a bit of a nap and then this afternoon, half way through cooking up our sausage sizzle Grannysaurus rang so they came around for our sausage sizzle and stirred up the kids close to bed time... and Grannysaurus found....


This sweet little boy has been working hard growing a nice shiny new tooth.  I'd love to say it hasn't troubled him but unfortunately he's been so out of sorts with everything else he's had that I have no idea if it's been upsetting him.  He's so sweet, tonight he didn't want to go to sleep so he was trying to distract me from that task and he grabbed my head in his hands and planted a couple of big juicy kisses on my cheek.  leaning back from me after each one to grin at me and wait for my approval... SWEET!

Hopefully this next week will let me get back into things.  Bible study starts again for the term on Wednesday.  I hope I'll get into the doctor early in the week to sort out whatever I have that isn't going away like I wanted it to.  I'm hoping to do some baking and freezing too to re-stock the freezer, weeks of sickness has really emptied it out and I am starting to panic each time I look in there for a last minute dinner option!

Sorry this is a bit of a bleh post.  That's been our week.  We all have those sometimes don't we?  Still, I am trying to get back into posting more regularly so that means you get the bleh weeks where I can't even think of anything humorous that has happened (although not a day goes by where it doesn't, thanks to these kids) and you get the weeks where we are crazy and wild every day.  Actually, even the bleh weeks are crazy and wild every day, just the wrong sort of crazy and wild.  Ahhh, kids... I wouldn't swap them for ANYTHING.

...except maybe a good nights sleep and a dinner time without whinging.

... nah, not really, you'd have to throw in some chocolate too.


  1. Oh I hope you all start to feel better soon! Teething was so awful on Jonathan, but he also had such awful trouble with his ears. What a combination. Hope Monkey doesn't start having the same issues! You all hang in there, OK?

  2. Love, love, love this week's photos. I especially love the one of Monkey sleeping. I am very partial to sleeping baby photos. I just know how precious it is for mummy when baby is asleep (or when babies are asleep in my case).

    Glad you are starting to feel better. We need to catch up sometime soon.

  3. Wow! I've missed three posts. Three! I've read them now.

    I love your posts! Which is why I can't believe I missed even one.

    Hope the buggy blahs are over soon.

    Teething was terrible for everyone of mine. Those first little "toofers" are so amazing. Really fascinating is an xray of babys face. You can see all the teeth that will be coming. They're there hidden under the pink gums and drool.

    Do you often shop online? Adorable Hubby is looking at an online grocery shop as part of his business.

    The spider in the shower story still has me chuckling. Especially the "Can't die of laughter" part.

    Blessings and Hugs!

  4. That's a seriously big bag of spaghetti you've got there MMcT! Good find.
    The three boys look lovely and sweet and clean in the bath together.
    Hope your bleh and buggy thing gets shaken off quick sticks.

  5. was so sorry to hear you guys were all sick...and getting puked on. never fun, that. what are you studying this term?

  6. I think we all have those bleh week. Being sick and having sick babies means everything else takes a back seat. Hope everyone feels better soon. At least you're getting some sweet baby kisses along with the not-so-sweet baby puking.

  7. Your week sounds anything but bleh. In fact like you could have used more bleh and more blah. My heart goes out to you and your entire family. It's NO FUN BEING SICK FOR ANY REASON!

  8. Oh I really hope this week is way way better.

  9. I hope you feel better soon - that puking on you definitely does not sound like fun.
    Your little monkey sure is growing quickly - a tooth already - wasn't it yesterday he was born!
    Take care & keep well


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