Tuesday, 31 August 2010

always look on the bright side of life....

I try to be an optimist.  I really do.  Wolf is as pessimistic as you can get most of the time so I need to balance it out.  I am optimistic in believing the best of people until they prove to me otherwise.  I am optimistic in believing that each day will be a good one until it falls in a heap around me.  I am optimistic in believing that my children will one day grow into healthy well balanced human beings... though my optimism is fading fast on that one.  I am optimistic that the clouds will part for a picnic or outdoor event.  I am optimistic that my kids will use their brains and think things through before they do things.

It appears that this last little bit of optimism is poorly placed.

Dragon yells from the top of the cubby house "Muuuuum, I need to do a weeeeeeeeeee!!!"  Mum, not wanting to get up (and not particularly wanting to go and get the boy who turns to stone and cant get himself to the toilet the second he needs to wee but can happily wander through the empty house to the toilet all by himself if it means he can stand at the door and whinge and nag and rob me of my minute of me time) just calls out "well do it" thinking he'll at least get down from the cubby house and come to the door for me to escort him to the loo or will pee against the back fence or something... nope.  I said "well do it" and so he did.  All I can say is I am VERY thankful that his little brother wasn't in the sandpit underneath him at that point!  That was the shove I needed to call inside time and pray that it rains tonight to wash everything so I don't have to flood the sandpit and hose the cubby house.

I am starting to wonder what does go on inside that little noggin of Dragons.  As much as I wonder, the glimpses that I get make me think that it's probably better not knowing...

The other day he was told if he had a nap we could go to the shops in the afternoon.  I went over it a few times, he decided he didn't want a nap and I asked him what that meant and he told me clearly that we wouldn't be going to the shops in the afternoon.  Later when he had a meltdown because we weren't going to the shops I simply told him "You knew the rules" to which her replied "But I doooooon't. My mind has rand away".  We're a good pair then because I lost my mind a long time ago, buddy.  Yours is probably nagging my mind while it tries to have 2 minutes alone to use the loo...

Today he had clued on to the fact that we do something special for lunch for birthdays and Monkey is too little to tell me what he wants to do for lunch so Dragon decided Monkey wanted to go to McDonalds.  I told him we needed to go home for nap time first and he needed to be a good boy so I would know that he would behave at McDonalds.  He told me repeatedly that he was being good and would continue to be good because "Da good man inside me is fightin' wid da bad man inside me and da good man is winnin' and he's flicked da switch dat makes me be good.  Oh, and I left my naughty voice at playgroup."

Also on the way home this morning Monkey was getting upset in the car and Dragon leans over and in his sweetest voice tries to calm his little brother down with this gem... "it's okay little brother, we wont throw you out in the skip".  We had a skip bin here for a week to get rid of some stuff and the threat of being thrown in the skip was bandied about in jest a few times.

Lion thought the skip getting unloaded was great fun, Dragon knew what we wanted to throw out and just about missed seeing the skip getting unloaded because he threw his life on the line and jumped up on daddy's old recliner and plastered himself against the back to stop the skip man from taking it away.  We had to explain that we had time to "say goodbye" to the stuff we were getting rid of because the man is leaving the skip here and we would fill it up for him to take away in a week.

I think they had enough fun with the recliners before they went.  Wolf was sad to see them go and honestly, the one in the baby's room was great for feeding in (once I got my pillows stuffed in all the not so well stuffed spots) but the arm was disintegrating on Wolf's chair and the springs were poking through and it didn't recline really well anymore... it was time to say goodbye.

I had another story of my kids cuteness to share but this is getting too long... so I'll save that and all the fun of a 1st birthday needs to be shared as well... stay tuned.


  1. You can send Dragon here anytime! I want to hear more about the bad man and the good man and just where that switch is so I can flip it in my boys every now and again!!!

    Mrs. NB

  2. Oh your kids are so cute -& sound so much like mine at times. My boys would have gone from the top of the cubby too - although they probably would have tried to either race each other to see who's went further.
    Hope you are going well - lovely catching up with your gorgeous family


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