Wednesday, 1 September 2010

But I'm a Princess too!

You can imagine we don't see a lot of Disney Princess stuff making it's way through this house.  In fact we see so little that the boys seem to know that it either has come from Little Bear or is on it's way to Little Bear.  I'm not exactly up with all the princess stuff (case in point Little Bear's Cinderella birthday cake) and I don't really have princessy tastes either.  I'm kinda well balanced, I think.  I have some girly stuff and I can appreciate a pedicure for sure, if only I had a rich pedicure providing benefactor, although it's not my favourite colour I do like pink and my apron is pink but... I can name the different diggers, I stalk cement mixers with the boys in the car (only once without them... and only until I realise I was driving alone and was probably freaking out a perfectly nice cement mixer driver), I can mix it with the boys in the 0-6 age group without a problem.  See, well balanced.

Anyway, I do my fortnightly groceries online now that Coles Online is happening here.  I have fallen in love with them.  I pick what I want, while wearing my PJ's, after the kids are in bed, with a block of chocolate next to me and without someone else's 7 year old running over my ankles with a shopping trolley.  It's almost perfect, if the groceries could just magically appear in my fridge and pantry so I didn't feel like I needed to clean  up for the lovely delivery lady to see my house, it would be perfect.  So can you work on that one Mr Coles? Thanks.

Sorry, I got a little distracted... So, last week I ordered 8 boxes of tissues that were on special.  The picture online was some beach scene or something, it didn't worry me what was on them, they were on special... okay, had it been baby harp seals being slaughtered I may have passed on the special but you know what I mean.  So I got 8 boxes and at my painstakingly selected convenient delivery time (which always ends up not as convenient as I thought it would be when I selected it at 11pm) they arrived and were unpacked by my ever so helpful little men... who wanted to use the mass of tissue boxes to build a wall... and a fort... and a barricade... and a tower... and... and... and... sorry, where was I? Oh yes... they were so excited to see that our picker had selected 4 boxes of Toy Story tissues! Oh look, there is a Winnie The Pooh box as well... "Wow, Mummy bought Little Bear some tissues too"... hang on... No I Did Not.

"Yeah Mum, these ones have princesses on them,  you got them for Little Bear".

"No, I got them for us"

"But Little Bear has princesses"

"Yes, but I didn't get to pick which tissue boxes I got, they just picked some out for me"

"But these ones have princesses on them so we should give them to Little Bear"

"I'm sure her mum will buy her some princess tissues if she really wants some"

"But we can just give her these ones"

"No, I need those for when my nose is running"

Speaking slowly and clearly for the obviously dense mummy "BUT THEY HAVE PRINCESSES ON THEM"

"Well I can be a Princess too!"

"Ugh, I'll just open these ones and put them next to your chair".

So, Mr Coles Online, you are very lucky we got that sorted out, you just about cost me $7 in tissues handed straight over to my niece.  It's a good thing I am so in love with doing my groceries in my pyjamas or I might let this hurt our relationship... Although with the clientele of our local Coles I could probably rock up there in my PJ's and no one would look twice... but it's those trolley driving 7 year olds that really get me.  See you next week Mr Coles Online.


  1. I can still remember the day #1 told me that I was a girl and, as such, could therefore be considered a princess...I cried a little.

    I need to try out this PJ's shopping thing.

  2. Great post Princess McTavish. Perhaps I will need to buy you a tiara for you to wear around to remind your boys that you are the Princess of the McTavish house.

    I used to be the princess here but we have a new princess now who gets all the cuddles and kisses in the morning and a whole lot more attention. Lucky she is my princess too (even though my princes seem a whole lot less maintenance).

  3. By the way - that exact box of Princess Tissues come with a free delivery if you email me your userID -

  4. Little Bear does love tissues, but just buying her random boxes every now & then does seem a little weird.

    Don't worry - Little Bear understands that Mummies are Princesses too - she'll sort those boys out!

  5. This post was too funny! Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today.

  6. I am not a girl - I'm a mom - at least that's what the boys tell me. I do not count as a girl! Harrumph! I would have kept the princess tissues - maybe you needed to make a tissue crown! However, it was incredibily sweet and so funny they just had to give them to your niece!!!
    I wish I had a store I could order on line for delivery. I think I would spend much less!

  7. I can see the value of having a box of tissues all to yourself - you know exactly what is *and isn't* in the box! No boy hands touchin' that princess stuff.

  8. Groceries online - I'm jealous!!! Well actually even if they were offered out here I probably wouldn't use them as I do enjoy looking & choosing at the grocery store - but then I haven't been hit in the ankles by anyone elses child - just mine!

    I think it's nice that you ordered some tissues just for yourself ;)

    Have a great evening


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