Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday Snapshot

So, I'm thinking of writing a book... I would call it Brown Bath Bubbles.

Would it be...

a) A guide to teaching alliteration to boys.
b) Practical science for boys (you should "pop" in the bath because it will smell worse thanks to the water stopping the noxious fumes from dissipating until the bubbles burst on the surface... closer to your brothers nose).
c) A self help guide for mums of boys... encompassing such riveting topics as ways to avoid the bath time ritual with your sons, teaching your son alliteration and explaining dissipation to boys.

Perhaps we should re-name this blog... Brown Bath Bubbles... it has a nice ring to it... like the ring in our bathtub.

Now, someone who does not need the joy of a well timed gas release explained to him is this soon to be one year old.

He's DESPERATE to get the hang of this skateboarding thing like his big brothers... well, they don't actually have the hang of it but they like to think they do.  For now he has to be content with cruising down the sloped driveway out onto the road with Daddy on the long board.

He is getting the hang of this walking thing too...

He has been cruising up and down Grannysaurus' hallway with this little trolley.  It looks so cute watching him trundle along.  I happen to think he is cutest from this angle though...

with his little legs kicking out to the side as he waddles along.  He has taken a few steps wihtout the trolley too!  Just a short jaunt here and there... but his first steps (yes, he started with THREE) happened when Dragon did his annoying big brother thing and just lay down in front of him like this...

Monkey stood up, annoyed, but was too far away to carry out his plan... so he took three steps forwards to be close enough to crash tackle Dragon!

Monkey, Dragon and I went over to visit our sweet little girl my brother's sweet little girl again... and we took a better camera!

Ahhh, all that girliness...

All the pink stuff that goes with girls...

So sweet...

So glad I have boys...

Okay, so this boy does like feathery masks but at least he's not wanting me to make room amongst the Tonka trucks and army men for unicorns and rainbows.  He's quite at home sliding around on the road with his belly on a skateboard...

But he should watch out where he's headed because I thought I was going to get a photo of Daddy knocking Dragon's front teeth out!  (in the end they didn't connect at all!)

Just yesterday we had a federal election here in Australia.  Dragon got a little confused.  He asked us on Saturday morning... "are you going on a boat today?" ... life can get a bit confusing when you can't say "V".  In the end he went to visit Great Grandma with Grandad and didn't get to come and vote with us.  He was a bit disappointed that he missed out on seeing mummy and daddy on a boat.  I don't know if he thought it would be cool or if he was hoping to get rid of us.  Out of our family, the election hype had the biggest effect on him... The other day he yelled excitedly from the backseat of the car "I see the guv-a-mint, I see the guv-a-mint!" after questioning I realised he had seen the roadside propaganda and recognised their faces from all the TV hype.  At first I was really proud that he knew what the old council chambers were as that is around about where we were at the time... but he set me straight on that one. "Not a buildin' mum, the GUV-A-MINT".

As well as not sending us on a boat, Dragon was sad this week when he found out that he can't be in Lion's school play.  I was cutting out some masks for the kids and Dragon decided he would like to wear one in the play.  I tried to let him down gently with the whole "being in the audience is a very important thing to do because if there wasn't an audience they wouldn't have anyone to perform for and the play wouldn't work" line... he wasn't buying it.

Lion got some new knee and elbow pads... except that he can't bend his knees or elbows very well while he's wearing them so it kind of makes the whole experience a little MORE dangerous.  I asked him to pose with his skateboard for me...

I don't know where he got that from.  But I had to get a photo... even with Dragon flying through the frame.


  1. The feather mask pic is a classic. They are all soooo cute.

  2. I love, love love your book title. Great idea. Oh my, these pictures are adorable. Perhaps my favorite is of Monkey from behind pushing the little cart. But then his expression of accomplishment and "Look what I can do!" from the front is adorable,too. How can he be nearly walking already. Seems like he was just born. Maybe you are ready for one more little one--a girl to join your jungle.

  3. I love the skateboard picture! They learn so much playing with older siblings. Mine did not have that privilege, but at least they still have a best friend for life!

  4. I too love your blog and book title. Your subject matter would be too funny and sweet.

  5. Oh. My. Word. I can SMELL that little one's pinkness!!

    And, tell Monkey to stop growing soooo fast! YIKES! He is looking so grown up!!

    Mrs. NB

  6. Too many cute baby pictures! I just love 'em! Those first steps are sooo fun to watch!

  7. Your book and its title will be a smash hit! Include everything in it, that way it will be informative, yet hysterical. Laughter is good medicine!

  8. Ahhh! Little Monkey all grown up and walking. Life just needs to slow down a bit.

    That pinkness is all girl. So precious.

    The Brown Bath Bubbles book would be a best seller, and the sequel When Brown Bubbles go Bad would win all kinds of literary awards.

  9. I loooove these photos!Those of "C" walking are soooo precious!


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