Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dragon Pulls a Reverse Indie

Remember that scene in Indiana Jones where the door is coming down and he does a groovy roll underneath it and escapes just in time only to find his hat has been left behind so he has to swiftly reach back under the almost closed door to grab his hat just as it comes down.  Yeah, it's the only scene I have seen from any Indiana Jones movies... oh, no, it's not! I have seen that one where he is legging it away from a massive rolling boulder.  But that scene has nothing to do with today's story so go back to the one with the closing door.

So, we all know that I am totally paranoid about snakes falling off the top of the roller door as I hit the button to open it.  Then with the appearance of the freakishly huge snake on my back patio my paranoia was ramped up a notch or two.  Combine that with one of my totally rational fears being realised and I was having a little bit of trouble setting foot in my garage.  The main problem was that I walk into the garage and close the door to the house behind me and the roller door is still closed and I have quite possibly shut myself in a room with a snake and no exit.  So, to calm myself down I decided to keep the door opener for the garage where I could get it to open the roller door before I close the door to the house.  Make sense?  Snakes have an escape and so do I and I'm not standing right under the roller door to have a snake dumped on my head.  Anyway, on Tuesday I opened the door into the garage with my arms full of baby and belongings and Dragon ran ahead of me into the garage and I hit the garage door opener so that any snakes could escape from certain death by 3 year old karate chop and started trying to get the door closed behind me.  After a couple of seconds the sound of the roller door opening changed... I wasn't familiar with this sound... it HAD to be the sound of a snake stuck in the mechanism... didn't it?  After all that was the only sensible thing it could be!

I lift my eyes from my handfuls of baby and stuff and see Dragon pulling a reverse Indie... he wasn't rolling under a closing door he was HANGING from an opening door...

artists really dodgy impression

The door was about 2/3 open and he had HEAPS of air beneath his feet... He dropped down and turned around, awestruck at his own awesomeness.  "Whhhhoooooaaaaaaa, did you see that?"  his little adrenaline fueled body rippling with excitement at his achievement.  Mummy was less than impressed... at least I hope that is what he saw... because I was trying very hard to not laugh and to hide my amazement that he had pulled it off!

It turned out that Daddy had told the boys that if they tried that, that the door would come back down and crush them in two (it's got a special emergency stop thing that means it wont really crush them but it will give them a nasty fright if they do get caught under it) and of course Dragon decided that this should be tested. 

So now do you think they are going to believe anything daddy says?


  1. I would have freaked out first, and then relieved, and then proud of my kid! (I would have hidden that last part, too!) You're right, they're probably not going to believe anything daddy tells them now!

  2. I think you'll find that the emergency stop device only works when it's closing, not when it's opening. So he hasn't really tested his Dad's warning!

  3. Ah, yes... a boy will prove you wrong every time! Like the time we told Bruiser not to pee in the pool or the water around him will change colors. Yep, he called our bluff and announced it to everyone in the pool.

    Mrs. NB

  4. When one of my girls did that the opening door went wonky, stopped and started beeping. That, combined with the swift slap across the butt from her dad, scared her enough not to try it again.

  5. Isn't it just like a boy to disregard warnings of certain death, just to test the theory. Glad no snakes were harmed in the making of this posts. Little boys either. Initially I thought you'd actually managed to take a photo of said hanging boy with your arms full of baby and a garage door in motion! lol. That would have taken some talent as well. ;)

    We're huge Indy fans here, we've watched all of them, repeatedly...more times than I'd care to count.

  6. No way! What a daredevil. So much like my Jonathan. Wish we lived closer. They could fuel our rush to gray haired old lady-dom by thinking up crazy things to do together.

    My grandparents had a rolling door and Dad once said a gardener (totally harmless) snake fell on him from there one time. Guess who never opens those doors now?

  7. That is pretty cool. I am sure that I am too heavy for it to work, otherwise, I would definitely give it a try. Great picture recreation.

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