Sunday, 12 September 2010

Turning One.

Blogging brings up a whole new sort of denial... like, if I don't blog it then it didn't happen... right?  Like the fact that I haven't blogged about Monkey's first birthday means it hasn't happened... right?


Oh, okay. It happened.  I can't get out of it, my baby turned one.

His last moments of zero.

The weekend before Monkey's birthday we had a little party for him... or for us, depending on how you look at it.  Just family and a few of our friends around for a sausage sizzle and a cake.

He got lots of presents.

He loved the help unwrapping his gifts.

He had a little chat with Aunty Juliet and Uncle Romeo about the screwdriver they gave him.

Of course, there was cake... very angry hungry caterpillar cake!  We wont talk about the cake and what it was supposed to be and what happened for it to end up having a last minute makeover and turning into a very angry hungry caterpillar.  It tasted yummy and that is what matters.

The family shot that you have to have... even if the birthday boy just really wants to get this all over with.

He had just learned to blow so I thought we might be able to get him to blow out the candle but he wasn't really sure what to do.  He had plenty of helpers for the job though.

He got the head of the very angry hungry caterpillar and he had picked the eyes off and gobbled them down before I could stop him.  He must have known that mummy would want to stop him from eating them.

On his real birthday he got the rest of his present...  Our toys have been slowly taking over the house so I asked people that may have wanted to give him a gift to contribute to one larger toy that would last longer.  So all the gifts he got at his party were pieces of this present...

Which his brothers were very excited about too...

He had a great time checking it out, making sure it really was as wonderful as it looked and then...

TADA!  I've got a cool tool bench.

We had plenty of cupcakes left over and plenty of icing too so that night we had another very hungry caterpillar.  Monkey knew what was going on this time and he wanted that cake.  He made the right face for blowing the candle out but still didn't actually get it to work...

I tried to get a photo of Wolf and his boys... Wolf looked at the camera, Lion smiled cheesily for the camera, Dragon tried to make Monkey look at the camera and Monkey wanted those little green eyes again before mummy got to them!

I think he had a good day.  He wasn't real well but he partied through it.

Dear Monkey,
It made me sad when you started being more independent as you got closer to your birthday.  Playing with your big brothers in the sandpit, wandering around the house up on your feet, feeding yourself more and more.  It also makes me very very proud to be your mummy.  Happy First Birthday, I love you!
xoxo Mummy.


  1. Happy birthday dear Monkey! What a year you've had.
    What a great combined gift for him. He certainly does seem very pleased with it. A test run for the first few years with blowing out the cake never goes astray. And Monkey sure looks like he likes cake.
    Have a wonderful time being one.

  2. :( No Monkey No! You really need to stop growing now. Glad you had a nice birthday though, even if you weren't really well. But let's do Mummy a favour and not have any more ok - ever.

  3. What a good birthday. He does look a little unimpressed with all the picture posing instead of partying, though!

    Looks like a very good day. Awesome work bench, too.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Monkey Dear. Happy days will come to you all year. If I had a wish then it would be, a happy, happy birthday from you to me.

    Fortunately for you the singing can't be heard.

    I can hardly believe I've known this little man since since conception. Well, kinda...I feel that I need to jump on a plane and bring him birthday wishes in person.

    Big HUG for all of you!

    Love the wooden tool bench. Adorable Hubby hates plastic he would have loved this.

  5. oh he is adorable!!! Happy First Birthday to Monkey (are you sure it's been a year already??)
    The cakes look great - what a fun one to have - Jud just borrowed that book from the library the other day!
    Enjoy this new phase in your precious boys life!


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