Thursday, 16 December 2010


Those Olympic athletes have nothing on me...

Lion had a temp all morning, just a little one, he just said it was because the weather was hot so I kept doing what needed to be done.  We came home and he was just chillin' and we were reading books and having a quiet morning together with no TV on and decided to wrap Christmas gifts and all of a sudden he went green, looked up at me and said those words... "I don't feel good".

I stand up, knocking my chair back, all the while scanning the room Macgyver style for what I can use.  I spot a plastic toy box between Lion and I, I shove aside the highchair, it tips slightly but doesn't fall (the baby was in bed, asleep) I put one hand on Lion's shoulder and start herding him towards the tiles while I bend over and with the other hand I grab the toybox, tip the toys out and place the toybox in Lion's hands... we make it onto the tiles and he goes to do what he thinks will be a cough... but mummy knows better and moves the toybox closer to him... yep, there it is.

It's strange... at that point I should be annoyed that we have another vomiting bug, I should be feeling defeated at the thought of all the vomit I will likely have to deal with over the coming hours and days... instead I feel like a champion... I caught this one... well, not caught as in, I have the vomiting bug too, but caught as in IT LANDED IN THE BUCKET!!!

When they start up the Mammalympics I'll be representing Australia for vomit catching... it's a prestigious event...

Now where's my 14 bottles of pine-o-clean I have stashed away for our next Vomitageddon... because it's here!


  1. Gold Medal stuff.

    Vomitgedden, buwhahaha! I love your posts. Here's hoping you be through it before Christmas.

  2. It certainly is an achievement worthy of a medal.
    I have a stash of the hospital vomit bags. We have better success with those.
    Hope he's feeling better soon.

  3. Good for you for keeping a sense of humour about this!!!! Now that alone is worth a medal. :) xx

  4. Motherhood does require ingenuity. I could have written this same post a couple of weeks ago!

  5. I'll humm your national anthem quietly for you. Quietly, because I don't know it. But I'll still sing for you.. You are my hero!

    Hopefully the bug doesn't last long.



  6. You deserve a Gold Medal! Those are champion mommy moment to recognize the signs and catch it in time. Things we would never have imagine ourselves doing before kids aye?

    I hope he feels better soon and that nobody else catches it. I can't tell you how bad I feel for all of you!

  7. LOL - We had a vomarathon one time - everyone retching violently (the oldest condescendinly pointing out that noone retches that loud - how ridiculous - until he started - and retched the longest - and loudly). My didn't rotation didn't hit until after I taught my morning classes, picked up a little gel phenagran(sp) from the dr. When the nausea hit, both baby and I just got a little gel rub on the wrists, WaLa! No nausea - just napped through it. However, retchingx7 is never fun - especially when it's 3 to 6 hour every 15 minute intervals!

    Hope you feel better soon! Congrats on creating a new olympic sport! I totally agree!

  8. Well done! Gold medal performance!
    I hope you all recover quickly!
    Have a happy Christmas with your precious family


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