Tuesday, 14 December 2010

What's for dinner?

Life has been moving faster than we can catch up at the moment.  Wolf has a new job, Monkey is getting smarter and smarter, Lion has finished his first year of school and Dragon is done with Kindy for the year.  It's almost Christmas and I am soooo far behind on blogging what's been going on around here.  I'm just going to do my best and see how fast I can catch up.

Driving along in almost silence one day, Dragon was obviously doing some deep thinking when he came out with this doozy... "Mummy, Are we God's Lego?"  Wow, what an opportunity... kicking my own deep thinking brain into gear I got on with an answer... I can't remember it exactly what I said but it was along the lines of "yes...and no"  Yes, we are like God's Lego because God can make us into whatever he wants to, he has complete control of us.  But no, because God loves us perfectly, he loves us more than we could ever love Lego and because of that there's never a person that is out of his sight, he never wanders around saying "now where is that kid with the red cap, I know I had him here somewhere yesterday".  He takes care of us better than we could ever take care of our Lego.  Dragon took it all in, processed it and gave me a deep response... "I need to wee when we get to the shops".


Lion had a bit of fun a while back helping Grandad to clean their big trailer with the pressure sprayer.

I think I sing too many children's songs when a sudden ant bite sends me into a tuneful (or not) frenzy of "Ants in my armpit, a a a, ants in my armpit, a a a..."  Stupid ants.

I found Monkey a few days ago sitting on the floor unwrapping a Dove chocolate like we have in the advent calendar... I don't know where he got it. He tried to pretend he wasn't opening it and gave it to me while looking all innocent... I pretended along and shared it with him... no one need ever know....


These are what Lion and Dragon took for their school and kindy friends instead of Christmas cards or candy canes.  I hate candy canes, the kiddie-crack that they are, and there was no way I was going to sit around and supervise as they wrote in 483940 cards for their friends and then when handing them out find that we missed a kid who is now in tears and... and... and... it's all too much for this season of love and goodwill.  Something sweet, something with no names attached... easy.  Yes, I'd much rather stay up late, after the kids are in bed and make treats for their friends than supervise the Christmas card writing.

Cleaning up the kitchen bench junk piles recently I found...
  • 1 hand grenade (toy, thankfully )
  • many rocks
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 snake skin
  • sparklers
  • matches
  • an array of things I should have returned to people
Life with boys is never dull.


Lion's class led the school assembly a few weeks ago.  It was awesome.  This term they were discovering "Who Sank The Boat" so they performed it for us.  Lion had to welcome everyone to the assembly and introduce one section then thank everyone for coming at the end.  He had a lot to learn but he did a great job!


We had Cheetah and Little Bear come for a sleep over a few weeks ago... it was absolute chaos!  But we did have a lot of fun!  Believe it or not the last two to go to sleep were Dragon and Little Bear... those two kept going and going and going and going!

Little Bear managed to find our only two Duplo girls... she said one was her and one was me... she's so sweet.


Judge me if you wish but when the kids ask what's for dinner over and over and over they usually get the response "poo on toast".  One day Lion came to me and asked "Mum, are we having poo on toast for dinner?"  "Yes" I responded... "Oh noooooo" said Dragon... "not TOAST".
Phew... there's a bit of a catch up... still more to go!


  1. Oh no, not toast! Hee hee!
    Good to hear how things are in McTavish land.
    'Tis a busy time of year.
    I am very impressed with your pudding cake pops. Very. Impressed.
    We gave our mini Christmas puds to the teachers. As I made them I was thinking how they were similar to cake pops.
    Enjoy the school holidays!

  2. I just love your gifts for the boys' friends! I bet the kids loved eating them. Lion looks so cute, being the announcer. You must have been so proud of him!

  3. LOL- your children always make me laugh!
    I can definitely relate to that bench of objects - we mothers of multiple boys who gets such lovely treasures are blessed aren't we!

    Hope you are enjoying the holidays - ours started on Monday & it's been such a lovely, but lazy couple of days, but I think I'd better get some cleaning done today!
    Have a great time!

  4. Love the photo of Lion with the little girl and microphone. The look on his face says it all -
    "Do I really have to be so close to a GIRL!!!"

  5. You have such gorgeous boys you know! I know I say it alot, but you really do. They have such great personalities and always make for a good laugh :D Of course that is totally inherited and it's no surprise they have such great personalities.


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