Sunday, 9 January 2011



I realised I didn't take any photos today.
That happens on busy days.
So here's a glimpse at the Lego-centric world I live in...
This little Mini-fig watches every finger stroke on our keyboard.
Tonight he's watching me edit photos of my cute kids.


  1. Yep, Lego has taken over the house.

  2. Too cute :)

    I have a Lego head blutac'd to my desk overlooking my compter. It is a little disturbing really, if I turn around there is a whole Lego world behind me. Have to be careful where I step at night time if I've been busy at the computer and forgotten to turn the lights on.

  3. Tho my kids are out of the house, in my bathroom cupboard (what used to be the kids' bathroom) I still keep one last bucket of their Legos... for grandkids someday.... :)

  4. Our world is a bit ruled by Legos of late addition to the superheroes who are oddly missing arms, heads or hands


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