Monday, 10 January 2011




Lion and Dragon needed something to do today and I had been playing with a site that lets you design your own minifig.  They kept wanting to play with it too but they were already arguing enough and the computer just seems to magnify any arguments.  So I suggested, instead, that they go look through all the pieces of minifigs that they have pulled apart (what's with that?) and see if they can make minifigs of themselves.  Lion was wearing a shirt with light and dark blue horizontal stripes and white boardies.  Dragon was wearing a grey shirt with a picture on the front and camo pants.  I think they did really well.  I also think it's interesting to see the heads they picked out for their minifigs.  If you turn Dragon Minifigs head around it has a surprised look too... he also wore a motorbike helmet for much of the day.  Lion Minifig got a hat because Lion was a little upset that he doesn't have any of the right sort of hair for him.

This has to go down as one of my better ideas... they then spend well over an hour having minifig adventures with themselves.  When you're a minifig you can do ANYTHING!

...Well, anything except bend your knees.


  1. What a wonderful idea and great way to get a glimpse at how they see themselves. Too fun!

  2. They rock!
    My boys love doing that too.

  3. Kiddie voodoo ;) Maybe we need to find some minifig blond hair and cammo legs.

  4. I had never heard of minifigs. My lego characters all had the same expression when I was a kid.... which are also the same ones my daughter had. Great way to keep them entertained

  5. Great idea! The Princess just got a minifig with her stables set that can rotate the legs, bend the knees! I swear!

  6. @Cat - Ooooh, delux minifigs... I guess if you want to ride a horse you might need to bend your knees.


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