Wednesday, 12 January 2011



Labelling school supplies.
1/5 of the HB pencils I had to label.
24 coloured pencils
24 windup crayons
9 glue sticks
24 textas

seriously, 9 glue sticks!
25 HB pencils!
Are they feeding them to the kids?


  1. 9 glue sticks...really?
    great shot, brings back memories.

  2. You know my feelings on this. I share your pain. I was very excited to find alternates to contact this year. Which is just as well, there weren't any contact to buy. Curious.

  3. The glue stick really baffle my brains - how on earth can they use that much?

  4. @learncreatedo & @cat - A teacher friend assures me that they will probably use that much over the year but most glue sticks, even if left unopened, will dry out by the end of the year and we'll be asked to buy more. I really think they need the booklist to be done differently but that's just me.

    @Smilie Girl - I saw contact on the shelves, I didn't like much of it, too grown up for Lion. Then I overheard one of the guys saying their trucks were stuck south of Rockhampton with all their back to school stock and they weren't expecting it to get through for ages so I just picked a couple of rolls that have cars on them for the books that really need it. Turns out the design isn't all that bad now that I can see more of it.


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