Tuesday, 11 January 2011



Rice Paper Rolls
Not the awesome dinner-winner I had expected
Sushi rice, ham, bbq sauce (and cucumber depending on who you ask, shhhh)

Lion ate almost all of his and liked them
Dragon took one bite and professed that he doesn't like rice
Monkey threw the rolls on the floor and licked the bbq sauce off his plate

This latest revelation takes the foods that Dragon professes to like down to pasta, ham, cheese, pickles, grapes.... and lollies.  It covers all five food groups... we're still good.


  1. I've enjoyed looking through your 365 photos (well, 11 at this point, I think). The hair photos are just precious.... with and without the longer hair. The face on the actual haircut photo could not be any cuter. Those cheeks and eyes...!

    At least you have the food figured out. My daughter ate just about anything (healthy even) when she was little. Now, one day she'll eat something; the next day she won't. Makes it difficult to keep up with those wavering preferences.

  2. I thought they looked yummy.
    Mine whinged all the way through dinner. How dare I add vegetables to stirfry?
    Dragon sounds like he has a varied diet :)

  3. Does Dragon know that ham comes from piggies (like Babe)? Do hoomans eat Babe?

  4. Hmmmm...well they do look a little like they are wrapped in skin..Ackk! I just made myself a little ill. Sorry!

  5. @Roban - Awww, thanks. I have no idea what to expect when Dragon gets older, he's far more determined to not even try stuff than Lion ever was.

    @Grannysaurus - Don't you dare ever show him that movie! The biggest problem with Chicken is that it's named for the animal it comes from, although he knows it, it's harder for him to make the connection when he's never seen a Bacon running in a field. He has gone off Lamb now too... not surprised.

    @BoyMom - Well, after reading that I might as well throw out the rest of the rice paper, it's not like I'll ever be able to eat them again.


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