Sunday, 16 January 2011



"Aquarium Mortis"

Some days the only photo is a bit of nothingness but it tells a story of our life in the "right now".

The only photo I took today was for a message to my sister, Chimera.  I figured I probably should take another set up photo to describe our day but then I realised this photo is a story of us.

After my Great Grandma passed away, we were sorting though her house and my boys came across a motorised "fishtank" that they loved, apparently when my dad took Lion over for visits (Dragon was not quite 1) G'Grandma would turn it on for him.  My Grandma said Lion and Dragon NEEDED that fishtank, I think Grandma may have NEEDED for them to have it, we took it.  It ended up in Lions room, soon to be Lion and Dragon's room, as a night light (it cast an eerie blue glow about the room).  Eventually it gave up and couldn't be repaired.  Grandma came across these similar ones in a shop or in one of those home shopping catalogues, or in a Readers Digest catalogue or something... and she bought them for the Grandies.  Tonight, ours died.  This isn't the actual death of it, this is the attempt at repairing it because apparently Lion and Dragon will never sleep again if it's not in their room.  I was pretty sure Chimera's kids weren't using their one so I sent her this photo with a text to see if we could replace ours with theirs... nope.  In the decluttering of their house it has ended up in a box... that is stored elsewhere... So, the boys now have an old Bankers Lamp of Wolfs, it's rather bright because we just had to roll with whatever light was in it but it'll do for now.

So there you go, one day when I look back through this 365 I will see this fishtank and remember all this.  I'll remember my kids not being able to sleep without a nightlight.  I'll remember my Great Grandma.  I'll remember my Grandma and her penchant for those catalogues.  I'll remember my husband trying to repair something that was beyond repair.  I'll remember being worried that my kids would grow up with vision problems.  I'll remember how we used to send MMS's and now (in the future, we're imagining remember) we just think about the person and they download the files from our mind... or whatever.

Y'know, I don't want to get too soppy over a fishtank.


  1. Grandma bought these from Homeart at Castletown from memory. Ours still works but I don't think Cousin Wilbie will part with it. It used to be his night light but it really was a bit too bright and distracting for our little insomniac.

  2. My kids loved it & were quite obsessive about it, but unfortunately we just didn't have anywhere practical to put it. Our only 2 benches are already full to capacity. This is why it has ended up in a box awaiting the day we move to a house that has space for stuff like this. Given the stories I am hearing, I'm not sure I want to start that addiction however for fear of how it might end...

  3. It is these sorts of photos that will have a huge story and many memories for you that I think make this project so worthwhile. :)


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