Monday, 17 January 2011



Nearly 3 hours of indoor play-centre fun.
Heaps of great shots.
This is the one I decide to post.

When I was taking the photos I was completely focused on making sure Wolf got my little Monkey safely to the ground.  I only noticed Lion's fantastic face first landing right now as I was flicking through deciding which photo to use.  Poor boy, we usually are attentive parents... I was just being more attentive to my 1 year old plummeting down a 15 story slide.

I'm not exaggerating... this thing is huge, the first little bit where you push off, the slide just drops away beneath you and you are airborne for a second then drop like a rock... kinda like the cartoons where the ground disintegrates beneath Sylvester and then it takes a few seconds for him to fall.  Then it's down the slick slide with all it's bumps and hills where you catch a bit more air before you gracefully slide to a stop at the end... or not so gracefully as the case may be.


  1. Sure looks like great fun.

  2. Ow! I guess he was ok if you only just noticed now. A very colourful shot.

  3. We have a fun place like that here and the kids LOVE IT! I hope he was ok.

  4. Ouch, did he really slide down face first or flip at the end?... inquiring minds want to know.

    Ha, I have the same fear when my kidlets are being helped on a new adventure with daddy. I can't imagine what I was thinking and focus so much energy on them that a bomb could go off without my notice.

    That slide looks so fantastic. Love the bright colors.

  5. Yeah, he was okay... I think. he didn't say he wasn't.

    I'm not sure if that was his stopping technique or if he stumbled as he was trying to get up. But he didn't go down the slide like that.

  6. We have something similar here and it does go pretty fast. Not so good when there are lots of other children coming along behind.
    Fun all the same.

  7. :) I remember the first time my little man went down that slide! I was absolutely petrified!!!!

  8. Oh my, the poor boy, I can't believe he didn't say anything!


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