Friday, 18 March 2011


Feb 20-26 2011

[insert awesome image here]

[insert moaning about being sick so I didn't take photos here]


I've got to admit, he's taken his time, but there is a definite love of reading developing in this one.
We often go in late at night and find that he didn't go to sleep when he was supposed to and instead decided to read for a while and fell asleep in the middle of a good Thomas book.  We've cramped his style by getting a new nightlight (finally) so they don't have to have their mega bright lamp going.


No, Baby Spidey, you must use your powers for good, not evil.
Although, revenge is a totally different story.
(photo for Aunty Chimera)




This little lady hitched a ride to the shops with us.
She wasn't so little actually.  She was big and fat.  She ran up from the front of the car, onto the bonnet and did a bit of car surfing for the last couple of kilometres.  I was pretty impressed with her skills.
They were far superior to those of the frog that tried car surfing the other day... he flew up over the roof after a few hundred metres.
Going to the shops was a mistake... turns out I wasn't feeling as better as I thought.

[insert picture of me collapsed in a heap because I did too much the day before]

Bleh, sick of being sick.


Green Iceblocks.
This has to be the weirdest photo of all the ones that were taken with the iceblocks.
I love all their expressions.
Wolf took this photo.


  1. Love the expressions.
    That baby spidey packs a mean squash.
    And that certainly is one fat gecko. I watched something about how geckos have tiny microscopic little hairs on their feet which is part of their ability to stick.

  2. Haaa! Love the Spidey one! Not so sure Lion there looks too happy! LOL!

  3. Love that last picture! I hope you feel better soon - I've also been sick - not fun!
    Have a great day


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