Thursday, 17 March 2011

A day with Monkey

I have some Monkey gems gathered from our days alone together... and just another reason to share some 'old' photos of my mischievous Monkey.

Wolf has taught all the boys to use 'The Force' to open the automatic garage door.  Arms out, palms up, use a forceful voice and say "UP, up, uuuuup...." and the door does as it's told.  One day I was taking monkey out in the afternoon and I opened our garage and he did his thing.  He walked out onto the driveway, looked at the neighbours garage door across the road, drunk on his own power he stretched out his arms... "UPUPUPUP".

All the boys sleep with one eye open at times. Sometimes BOTH. It never stops being freaky.

Monkey loves to give kisses. We make a big deal out of it when we get a kiss, they are pretty special!  I asked him for a kiss and presented my cheek.  He gets his pudgy little finger, points to my cheek, "Ucky".  Hmm, no kisses for me.

Monkey & Mr Murphy... they are best buds.

We do the usual pointing to body parts game and I ask him "Monkey, where is your tongue?" he sticks it out. "Monkey, where is your nose?" he squishes his face up and points to his nose.  "Monkey, where are your hands?" He looks at his hands then shows them to me.  "Monkey, where are your cuddles?"... "Stuck, Ma"... Hmmm, no cuddles for me either.

He still sucks his thumb... or finger... or shoe.
I miss that fluffy hair.

When noisy big brothers are home you can't hear very much EXCEPT the noisy big brothers.  When it's just Mummy and Monkey home and you are quietly eating lunch you can hear EVERYTHING.  The house makes a noise and he stops to listen "oh oh oh", a car drives around the cul-de-sac and he gets nervous "oh oh oh", a dog barks in the distance "oof oof", the plant by the front of the house scrapes against the security screen and he freaks out and has a screaming fit until I get him out of his highchair so he can cling to me for dear life.  I guess noisy brothers can be good for some things.

Ahh, back in the days when he couldn't get away.

He's learning what noises animals make, I got him some cheap board books with some animals in them and he can do a horse noise, a cat noise, a dog noise.  He gets a lot of the others confused but with help to remember he can make the noises.  I thought this was necessary when a Ulysses butterfly flew past the window and he got all excited... "ooooh, OOF OOF, oooh, OOF OOF".  So I guess a big butterfly makes the same noise as a doberman?

He's a mystery, that's for sure.


  1. But such a delightful mystery.
    Such a cutie.

  2. Ohhh! That last photo is priceless!

  3. He is so cute & hasn't he grown up quickly! Love the "force" story!


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