Monday, 4 April 2011


feb 27- mar 5


Bacon, heart shaped eggs, fried tomato and cheeeeeeesy toast.

Frustratingly this is the only photo I took this day.  I don't want to lie and say I didn't take any, I'll just tell you why I took this hideous shot.  I woke up feeling a bit icky that morning, like something wasn't right.  I looked in the mirror and I just didn't look right.  I never do first thing in the morning so I wasn't too concerned but my face kept up it's funny feeling and I didn't start to look any better (I wasn't expecting some supermodel, just to look a bit more like me).  One side of my face was a bit droopy, only slightly, and I could feel it constantly.  You know how when everything is working as it should, you really aren't aware of the 'feel' of your body.  But when something isn't working right you can feel that part of your body.  I could feel my cheek, I could feel my tongue, I could feel my EYEBROW... it was weird.


We had a rough day this day... I think that makes me want to take a photo of their peaceful sleeping even more.


We were trying on rings... but I'm not showing you this one... because it's too similar to the one that I fell in love with.  The one that I am pretending I don't know about.  The one that I have to wait until our 10th anniversary in July to see again :-(

Now I'm pondering that my hands aren't all that attractive, I could never be a hand model.  I was never intending this image to see the light of day, it was just so when I went back and looked at the other ring I could remember what this one looked like and how it sat against my other rings.  But I didn't take any other photos on this day and rules are rules.


Lion asked me to take this.  It was his idea, he wanted a photo that looked like he was really big and leaning on a really little bench... I'm not sure where he's seen this idea before but I was really impressed when he lined himself up by checking where I was with the camera and where the seat was and positioning himself and asking me if it looked right.  So cute.


Because no trip to the museum is complete without pretending you are locked up somewhere deep inside the HMS Pandora.

[insert image of something fun and exciting here]

Clearly we must have had so much fun on this day that I just didn't have time to take a photo... or something like that.

Photoshop is giving me issues with saving soooo, um, it's really not an excuse for many photos, it just means that when I have one that needs something blurred out (like on Lion's uniform) I have to use another program... I'm not any good with other programs.  I have tried to do this post about a dozen times and something goes wrong each time.  I think this is it, here goes...


  1. I love all of the pictures.... Did your face get normal? Mine was droopy once. I had Bell's Palsy, which caused one side of my face to become paralyzed. It gradually went away with medication and time.

  2. Hi Roban, yes, my face did go back to normal. It lasted all day though. From my 'research' I think I had an ear infection that was the problem but I couldn't get into the doctors so when it was heaps better the next day I decided that it wasn't that important.

  3. Oh but lion is creative.

  4. Ok, here's my embarrasing admission for today: When I saw photo #61 and for a few short seconds while reading the blurb, I thought you'd been trying on "cool" rings at Diva or something! Seriously, who wouldn't want a ring that says, 'Bling'? You could be onto something there...

    Now back to that cake... :P

  5. It's always lovely to see what's been going on with your family! Hope your face is feeling better - I know exactly what you described - a wierd drooping.
    Have a wonderful day


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