Sunday, 17 April 2011


Mar 6- Mar 12

Oops, no photos.


Late Night Pancake Stack

This was the day before Shrove Tuesday
The fantastic mother I am, I PROMISED my sweet Lion that I would send him to school with pancakes for Pancake Day.  I then promptly forgot about my promise until 10pm the night before.  They weren't the most fantastic pancakes, I don't do my most fantastic baking when I would rather be sleeping... but I kept my promise without having to duck to woolies to buy ready made ones on the day and he took pancakes for Pancake Day.

ahem, please ignore the lack of photos... we'll call it a technical error in my brain


Interior Designer?

We were about to head out and I called Monkey to come out to the car.
He decided he couldn't come until he had grabbed his Home Beautiful magazine and then promptly sat in the doorway to read it.



Like all the best hipsters, Monkey likes to sit and read in a cafe while enjoying a medley of cheerios and plump sultanas, sipping on the finest babycino money can buy with his pop top of water to refresh the pallet when needed... or something like that.


Mmmmm, Jaffles for dinner.

Unfortunately Mummy has to clean the jaffle iron once it's all over.


Homemade Ham and Cheese Scrolls

So very tasty and so good to chuck in lunch boxes.


  1. Oooh, those pancakes look faaaantastic :)

  2. I made pikelets yesterday. Bit late for Shrove Tuesday. They also weren't my best effort. Maybe because I was making them for visitors?
    Love the look of those scrolls.

  3. I laughed at the "technical error (in my brain)." Sounds like me sometimes.


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